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Dia Fuera del Tiempo - Costa Rica

Inlakech divine tribe of light,

I am just freshly back from a 2 month stay in Santa Teresa Costa Rica where we held a very significant DOOT festival. We inaugurated the day with a ceremony for all 4 directions and a peace prayer for all mankind and Pachamamma, then began our festivities with live music, decoding of glyphs and synchronized meditations. We first held our Rainbow Bridge mediation at 12:30 which was attending my over 30 people then at 1 pm the childrens mantra chantdown. I am a Kundalini teacher who has been infusing the Dreamspell and all its wisdoms into my every class for over 8 years, so I ventures to 3 of the local schools and versed the children int he mighty "Adi Shakti mantra" to heal mother Earth and all of her divine creations. Throughout the day was an amazing flow of over 125 people (in this very small city) who came for the "Prophecy lectures" and chromatics glyph understandings. It was a real joy to give the info that i have been taking in for years and share it with others who can really change there cities and make a difference. We held a free Kundalini yoga class finished with a laughing yoga session and then held a "Mayan inspired Pot luck" and kirtan that had African dancing installments and silks to start the finale of the evening. We danced until the wee hours of the morning and rejoices int he magic of the incredible day. Following this day I was able to rise my bike down the streets of this small town and see the people that now know there own glyphs and call them by kin names and they too were overjoyed to call mine (Yellow Self Existing Warrior). The land that was donated to hold our event on is owned by an amazing White Rhythmic Wizard who in the years before has come to know his own glyph (as I have been going down to this town for years and have held 100s of mini lectures on the Dreamspell and its magic in everyday. i am sending you some photos of this wonderful expression of service and love to the Earth and its inhabitants.

Upon leaving I was asked to bring more information down there to share with the country of Costa Rica. ...

I feel that it could change the way that Costa Rica looks at the term "Pura Vida".

Many blessings,
Tammy Dias

Yellow Self Existing Warrior

Im normally based out of Bahia Brasil, here is our website www.raizadventures.com

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