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Por Laurie Delia (USA)

a “Day Out Of Time”
How would you celebrate this day?
How would you go ‘off the grid’?
Shutting off ALL your Clocks, Alarms, Phones, Computers, TV’s
etc, etc, etc. . . Eating only Fresh Food that does not use a Toaster, Microwave or Stove. Set up the day to not use your vehicle. Pack a Picnic Lunch and Walk or Bike out into Nature. Celebrate Nature. Stop your world. Day of Freedom. NO TIME. ‘Think Hookey!’
Because we are so used to being controlled by ‘time’ picture yourself being without time for One Day.
((every July 25 - Gregorian Calendar))
By you creating your “Day Out Of Time”, this will catch on and spread to others. Picture our world coming to a conscious effort to reconnect with Natural Time Every Year. Make an effort to rethink and prepare for a world that returns to Mother Earth.
Reflect on the past and get ready for the new year starting on the Magnetic Moon - Day 1
((every July 26 on the Gregorian Calendar))
Now Think Rainbows . . .
Learn about The Rainbow Bridge Meditation lawoftime.org to generate a telepathic wave of Love that connects us with the Earth and all energies that hold its magnetic field in place. Connect with others doing the same world-wide meditation. Create a Bridge of Peace and prepare to Welcome the Higher Dimension of the
2012 Consciousness!

Have A Great Day "Out Of Time"!
Love Laurie Delia

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