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Por Hirono Tanabe, Japon (en Inglés)

Hello everyone!

Our Day out of Time event plogrum in Niigata Japan

The morning..........
We talk about the vision of the 2013 and White Rhythmic
Wizard year.

We talks about our life style in future, and the
agricultural way which it is possible to continue, the
spiritual activity.
Then, what do we execute? to2013.

The afternoon........
We swim in the sea, and spend on the forest and enjoy the
beautiful earth.
It is feels of gratitude.

Then night...........
Meditation and Music.
Untying the Knots - Return to Sacred Time, 13-day
meditation with the harmony of the chakura sound.
Special fire ceremonies.
We makes Rainbow Bridg.

Hirono Tanabe Blue Galactic Storm

In Lak'ech!

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