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Greetings from Vancouver BC. I am sharing a Day Out of Time report from a festival called Basscoast Project and this year known as Basscoast the Sequel held at Camp Squamish Campground in Squamish BC. I was asked to present a workshop explaining what DooT was about and did an hour long workshop in the Oasis Hookah Lounge for an hour. I covered the history of Day Out of Time, the significance of it including the creator Jose Arguelles, the 13 Moon Calendar, the theme of forgiveness, clearing debts, and time as art. We also did the Prayer to the 7 Galactic Directions & the Prayer for Water. Next year I was asked to do another Day Out of Time workshop for Basscoast on the Basscoast stage as they want more people to tune into it. Would like to do more with next year if this goes through as I only had a day to prepare for this occasion. Good response overall from people who said they were looking for something like this at the festival.

Sobey Wing
Red Overtone Moon

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