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Announcement: Valum Votan & Tzolkin DVD
by Hun Ix

Dearest Planetary Kin,

It is with great gratitude and humble service that I offer up my work TZOLKIN DVD, in honor of the passing of our wonderful hero and great planetary healer, Valum Votan.

Without question, we have all been impacted by his life mission greatly, and shortly after meeting and working with him, I began decoding the Tzolkin into award winning music based on my studies of the Overtone Series: http://www.tzolkindvd.com

It is with great pleasure that I announce my intentions to get this tool out (at no charge) to as many kin as possible for this Day Out of Time celebration. I am specifically looking for those individuals who can disseminate the DVDs very quickly. I have large boxes, loaded and ready to go. All I ask for is that you cover my shipping and handling expenses and advise me on how many you think you can give away (boxes contain 100 I believe and I have 7 boxes). Is your node large enough, or do you need a smaller amount?

Please feel free to contact me if you are interested: itsmewiz@yahoo.com

Thank you all for your time...

In Lak'ech,

Hun Ix

PS - I am working on an amazing second edition which will be ready in 2012.

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