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Greetings Of Universal Peace and Love!

Just a log of New Galactic Signatures for our Group here in Culver City Ca. that have recently moved into 13:20 frequency Synchronic Order. I have been giving a Bi-weekly presentation of Valum Votan material in Synthesis with Ageless Wisdom Group here known as Arcana Workshops. This group started over 45 years ago by Souls who migrated from Arcane School. Principally an Alice Bailey group and Lucille Cedarcrans i.e. Masters' Djwahl-Kuhl and The Master Rococzi' teachings respectively and,Helena Roerich for Master Morya ,Agni Yoga.

The Jose' Arguellas' teachings of significance and finally after 15 years of singular study, deep brooding and way behind schedule sadly, I was able on Day Out of Time: Yellow Self-Existing Star:Kin:108:G.A.P.::GM108X during a Talk I was giving for Leo Full Moon Meditation gave Full disclosure on His Revelational Work. This has spawned now including aforementioned talks five such disclosures. With six Rhythmic sequence on Rhythmic Kin:(LIMI) Electric Moon. Mission started Self-Existing Star while I personally in Resonant Star persona with First meeting occurring Spectral Star;Kin:128, I am Electric:Star:kin 68. I finally became clear enough to begin my mission.

We are now activated, although mammoth task involved in synthesis activity, The Work significant and yet requiring SuperMental activity with Pledged Disciples operating in Esoteric Community. However the resonance and Truth content has captivated everyone a Group now expanding to over 26 Souls. The mission goals we are somewhat behind on as relates to what has now transpired since Electric Wizard Yr. when I began alone, but as aforementioned. All weights have been laid aside to aid P.A.N.: F;L.O.T. in Universal Transcension,Noosphere Attainment,RainbowBridge-circum-polar ejection and TimeShip 2013 manifestation.

I cannot Thank God enough or The Unseen ones for all of the Work engaged in by all of you Blessed Souls.

I will keep you informed.

" Until the Day be with Us..."

In Lak'ech !

Eugene Electric Star:Kin:68::03.07.54


5thDAY: 1 MAGNETIC MOON: 9 RED SOLAR SKYWALKER:KIN:113:coord:7.30.2010:Galactic-Activation-Portal:5-MOON YEAR

Registry of Planetary KIN

Rudy: 7 Red Resonant Dragon : Kin:241- Cardinal Earth Family-Throat Transmit Fire Clan Initiating-gap
Suzanne 4 Red Self Existing Dragon:Kin:121
Vern: 6 Red Rhythmic Moon : Kin:149-Gateway Earth Family-Root Transmit Blood Clan Initiating
Greg 4 Red Self-Existing Skywalker Kin:173- Signal Earth Family-Solar plexus Receive Truth Clan-gap
Lynn 7 Red Resonant Skywalker Kin : 33: Signal Earth Family: Solar-plexus Receive: Truth Clan Initiati
Stephanie 1 Red Magnetic Earth Kin: 157 : Core Earth Family: Heart-Transduce-: Sky Clan; Initiating

Rhetta: 10 White Planetary Wind:Kin:62- Core Earth Family-Heart Transduce Fire Clan Refining-
Ida: 11 White Spectral Wind:Kin:102 Same
CarolH 9 White Solar Wind:Kin:22:G.A.P. Same
Juliet 12 White Crystal WorldBriger Kin:246: Cardinal Earth Family:Throat Transmit:Bood Clan Refine
Loida 7 White Resonant Mirror:Kin:98: Signal Earth Family: Solar Plexus Receive;Sky Clan Selfreg-ref

Michelle 7 Blue Resonant Storm:Kin: 59- Gateway Earth Family-Root Transmit Sky Clan Transforming
LuLu 4 Blue Self-Existing Storm:Kin:199 Same
GordonD 5 Blue Overtone Storm Kin:239:G.A.P :Same
Tom 11 Blue Spectral Storm:Kin:219 Same
Carol A 12 Blue Crystal Monkey:Kin:51- Cardinal Earth Family-Throat Transmit Truth Clan Transfor
Joyce M 1 Blue Magnetic Eagle: Kin:235 Polar earth Family-Crown Receive Sky Clan Transforming
Gisselle 13 Blue Cosmic Eagle Kin:195-Polar Earth Family- Crown Receive Sky Clan Transforming

Harriet 9 Yellow Solar Seed Kin:204-Gateway Earth Family-Root Transmit Fire Clan Ripening
Leanett 13 Yellow Cosmic Seed Kin:104-Gateway Earth Family-Root Transmit Fire Clan Ripening
JoAnne 1 Yellow Magnetic Human: Kin:92-Core Earth Family-Heart Transduce Truth Clan Ripening

BHO * 3 Yellow Electric Human:Kin:172: .08.03.61 - POTUS-Core Earth Family Heart Transduce

Cheryl 13 Yellow Cosmic Human:Kin:52- Core Earth Family-Heart Transduce Truth Clan Ripening
Mary 12 Yellow Crystal Warrior :Kin:96-Cardinal Earth Family- Throat Transmit Sky Clan Ripening-g
Ernie 12 Yellow Crystal Sun :Kin:220-Polar Earth Family-Crown Receive Fire Clan Ripening
Sue H. 3 Yellow Electric Star :Kin:68- Signal Earth Family Solar plexus Receive Blood Clan Ripen
Eugene 3 Yellow Electric Star :Kin:68- Signal Earth Family Solar plexus Receive Blood Clan Ripen

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