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Dear ALL and greatings of peace from the Netherlands,

In the weekend of 5, 6 and 7 November 2010 we had organized a weekend in the Netherlands, about the Tzolkin calendar with Peter Toonen who is a great writer in the Netherlands and is they expert of all the work of José Arguelles, the Maya and 2012.. 17 people who did not know eats other came together, but from the start of the weekend it felt as if we were one and had known eats other for a long time..
This is the list of the galactic signatures of all people there:

Red Dragon Kin 241 Toon 7
White World-Bridger Kin 86 Toon 8
Blue Hand toon 2 kin 67
Red Earth Kin 57 Toon 5
Rode Slang Kin 5 Toon 5
Blue Night Kin 223 Toon 2
Blue Eagle Kin 255 Toon 8
White Mirror Kin 238 Toon 4
Blue Hand Kin 67 Toon 2
White Wind Kin 222 Toon 1
White Wind Kin 122 Toon 5
Yellow Seed Kin 124 Toon 7
Yellow Sun Kin 120 Toon 3
Red Dragon Kin 21 Toon 8
Yellow Human Kin 132 Toon 2
Blue Monkey Kin 191 Toon 9
Red Cosmic Skywalker Kin 13 Toon 13

Peter his way of showing us how to become one with the 13 moon calendar was in an active way, so we really felt all the special energies around us.. We are going to do this often with eats other, but also with new groups so very special are these gatherings and I engorge all people over the world to organize the same type of gatherings and share all you know to eats other!! I also will share some pictures of the weekend with some special guests in the spirit form look closely ;-) For photos click here
With a lot of love from this site of the world….

In Lak’ech

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