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My Friends and Co-Workers (SPECIAL MISSION) if you so choose.

In Meditation an awareness arose catalyzed by the above News-Clip with certain dates.
We have an opportunity to engage in What Our Teachings call CELESTIAL HARMONICS:
Please bear with me as I explain what I mean and what We will be doing through Meditation.
As Planetary-Kin we have access through The Galactic Gateways with Resonant activity.

We have on 12.21.2010 a Quantum Energy Manifestation; Full Moon Sagittarius,Winter Solstice,Lunar Eclipse, 3 Cosmic Cyclic Events on Same Kin:
According to My Galactic Compass 12.21.1638

Was in 10 Moon Year, 2 Red Lunar Earth:Kin:197; gap
12.21.2010 Will be in 5Moon Year,10 Red Planetary Earth:Kin:257
12.21.2094 Will be in 11 Moon Year 11 Red Spectral Earth:Kin:37
12.21.2012 Will be in 7 Storm Year 12 Blue Crystal Hand:Kin:207

What I propose is The Following:
In Meditation Anchoring In The Eternal Now These Next 3 Days: Today Being "Silio" Discharge- 7th Radial Plasma Day of Vision, Tomorrow being Solar Warrior Day" Dali" Target - 1st Radial Plasma, Day of Intelligence and Identified with 1st Ray of Will . And Tuesday The DAY "Seli" FLOW 2nd Radial Plasma which is identified with 2nd Ray of Love Wisdom. Navigation.

In Our conjoint efforts we will Utilizing our Group-Rainbow Bridge grounded in Earth Star Aligned with Hierarchy, we will Through CELESTIAL HARMONICS and White Magic/ Time Magic Utilize ( 3 ) Designated Earth Kin. To Establish What is Called TIME-VECTOR-POTENTIALITIES- to IMPINGE upon 12.21.2012 DATE.KIN:207:

We Will USE 12.21.1638 2 Red Lunar Earth which is Galactic Activation Portal to Gather Energetic Pulse of COSMIC Actions on 12.21.10; 10 Red Planetary Earth; Hooking Forward Into 12.21.2094; 11 Red Spectral Earth in order to Align The Combined Energies Of These KIN: PAST/ Present/ FUTURE to Effect, 12.21.2012 DATE. SEND ETHERIC-VORTEX-SPIRITUAL WHIRLWIND THERE- BY Healing, Redeeming,Salvaging and Liberating Humanity and Earth from Thoughtforms of 12:60 Synchronization Beam, thereby Consciousizing through Time-Pause/ Time-Quake a new Future facilitating The Bio-Psychic-Biosphereic Noospheric Shift accelerating towards 7.26.2013 Galactic Synchronization and on beyond to Arcturus Dominion 12.21.2094 New Dispensation In Time.

Just If Possible comprehend the Instantaneity of Time in The Eternal Now and Sending Our Group Love-Compassion, Our Will to Good-1stRay, Our Good-Will-2nd Ray, Through Magic Of THE SOUL 7th Ray. Use your own form Ideas for this Action, or merely maintain in Your Consciousness. We are Radial in our Spiritual Actions and As " Cosmic Vibratory Roots" This is One of our rightful actions. This is an aspect of The Telepathic-Reconstitution of Reality.

The Codespells for These Days are Telling; See Below:

Kin:197:Red Lunar Earth: 12.21.1638
" I polarize in order to evolve
Stabilizing synchronicity
I seal the matrix of navigation
With the Lunar tone of Challenge
I am guided by The Power of Universal waters ( Radion)
I am a Galactic Activation Portal ( O ) enter me"

Kin:257: Red Planetary Earth:12.21.2010
" I perfect in order to evolve
Producing synchronicity
I seal the matrix of navigation
With the Planetary tone of Manifestation
I am guided by the Power of Life-Force"

Kin:37: Red Spectral Earth;12.21.2094
" I dissolve in order to evolve
Releasing synchronicity
I seal the matrix of navigation
With the spectral tone of Liberation
I am guided by my Own Power Doubled"
And Then

Kin:207: Blue Crystal Hand:12.21.2012
" I dedicate in order to know
Universalizing healing
I seal the store of accomplishment
With the crystal tone of cooperation
I am guided by the Power of Self-Generation"

It is also interesting to Note: That Kin 197: was Key Discussion Point of Our Teacher Jose Arguelles as he discussed its Inverse 791;197 aspect In Spiral Density Wave:Galactic Synchronization Beam 791 day countdown to 12.21.2012. Many synchronicities, I appreciate each of your being-presence in this work and hope this will make sense to you.

I am Another YourSelf,
3 Yellow Electric Star:Kin;68

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