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Gday from Lore 4 Sun!

Im in San Diego right on the Mexico Border...

Vasumi, just got your new journal cover on the front page of timeisart.net

Ive been in California for a few days now manifesting a visa to get to Brazil where i have asked to present at an advanced Ayahuasca semiinar a big thing for me, really stepping into a new role that seems to be calling me.  Ill be meeting with 13:20 crew in Sao Paulo this week as well talking about the community projects and the CREST13 centre being set up there.

We also have got a new version of www.tortuga.com online now that has some cool interactive functions. lots of thanx to Nick 6 Night and Aaron 4 Skywalker amongst others...   the PAN Sydney crew are also working on a very cool 3D animated tzolkin interface that has enormous potential, very very cool stuff.  actually my time in sydney was very revealing there are exciting 13:20 projects popping up all over the city with 3-4 PAN nodes now operating very consciously, thanx to Peter 13 Warrior, Cairo 8 World-Bridger and Emma 10 Dragon.

Melbourne was also very exciting with many dedicated earth wizards gathering regularly for events and the second creation magazine,  which i have since seen as having a huge impact on how kin are understanding how the dreamspell works for people, a major leap in understanding for some of the newer kin in Sydney that magazine is working wonders...

We've discovered that tortuga.com is getting a huge amount of intenet traffic, so is exciting that the new site is coming together so well, supported by a team of 4-5 kin in Melbourne and a global team of web developers and visionaries, a truly global project with kin working together in humility and selfless service, great to be part of this earth magick.

I spent a few weeks in Hawaii which took me further into my dreaming and connecting deeply with the land and finding some interesting dimensional portals there, and met with kin working with galactic federation including Estara 4 star who is working towards setting up a CREST13 style centre on the island so was really grateful to hear our plans and we will now begin to start sharing resources and knowledge.

Had a great meeting with David 1 Storm from the Terra Nova Cache whilst in Melbourne, and the Cache is moving forward as planned, with the acquisition of 5 large properties around south west queensland, sunshine coast hinterland with pre-liminary discussions on one of the properties having space and funding for CREST13, this seems likely with the devleopment timeline of Terra Nova and PAN in Australia very synchronous, with mid Lunar Wizard year a target date to have the properties settled and development plans in first stages of Action.  the Cache has already acquired 5 zero point energy devices for these developments.  My time in Brazil will be a good opportunity for me to network and find mutual co-creating potential with our other southern families...

Meanwhile I have just been informed of an interesting CREST style project well advanced, almost completed construction in the amazon, in Peru by my teacher and shaman friend down there!  interesting ive felt the call to go there for so long so didnt surprise me that hes done so much work already under the guidance of the galactic federation, he was the one who initiated my contact with the galactic masters almost exactly 4 solar spins ago when last i was in the amazon.  i was in 7 serpent year then, now im 11 serpent, seems like my instincts take me into the heart of the mothers bounty, amazonas.

much love

may we fly with the wings of angels


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