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Rhythmic Dali 1, Red Spectral Moon, which Unifies all of the Peices

G'day Kin from all over the Earth and all beings of the Unifed Field.

Welcome to this new time of the recreation of Heaven on Earth.

What beautiful journeys we kin here in the land of the Dreamtime are experiencing during this time of prophecy.  As we surrender ever deeper into the universal truth of Hunab Ku life becomes ever more dreamlike and mysterious, the rapid deconstruction of the 12:60 illusion washes over us in waves of karma releasing remembrance.

This is a time of Peace, inner peace we feel and know that as the earth changes grow, our world will be recreated in the joyful sacredness of Heaven on Earth. 

The air is still here over the land of the Bundjalung, the land of the sacred waters.  Many kin gathered here in this region with a unifed prayer of peace and harmony.  This region is strong in earth repair and harmonic living and the message of the 13 moons of natural time is being embraced on a large scale. 

Over the first few moons of the Magnetic Moon year there has been a mood of inner development, reflective times of understanding our minds and our relationship to time and each other.  We have had regular presence on local radio, many events and gatherings, beautiful sharing of spirit amongst an actively conscious community of Earth lovers and spirit walkers.

The Earth Heaven project incorporating a CREST centre is well under development with key partnerships and understandings well advanced.  A 13:20 distribution centre has been established in Byron Bay, regular meetings are being held at Sphinx Rock Café near NImbin where kin visit to share and learn Dreamspell and 13moon knowledge.  13 Moon culture has a regular presence on local radio and media.  Wollumbin the Cloud Catcher watches over our dreaming and hears our call for Peace, commanding us to attain the highest truth of Earth and Hunab Ku.

In Melbourne the 13:20 vibrations are stirring up a tidal wave of love fuelled fun.  Galactic agents abound in this great city of the fallen Babylonian Empire.  Earth Repair teams on the ground are manifesting beautiful galactic inspired events right throughout the city.  Galactic Federation Mother Ships wait just off shore waiting for the technospheric pollution to clear so they may come in for the party.

There has been some politically inspired interference from government agents in the  Peace Movement, though we bless them for their apparently constant reminder of an illusory mental paradigm.  We have remembered our sovereignty in time and we have transcended the nationalistic mind to embrace our brothers and sisters through our music and art.  We look forward to the day those 12:60 agents remember there is a big cosmic party going on and we'll all be joyously dancing in the garden together, as we are all together one.

The more we clear and understand our minds, the easier and funner life becomes as we surf those waves of 13 Baktuns of human history being experienced in every moment through these years of prophecy and the fractal compression of time at the closing of the cycle.

Inlak'ech and enjoy the ride

Soulore Solaris
Galactic agent 160

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