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Today I celebrate the Harmonic Convergence, four holtuns later which also means four times 5 days before the anniversary. Reading about it in the Biography, on page 144 of the pdf file the number 144 is mentioned, tears fill my eyes. I realize again and again what an honour it is to be in heart resonance with Valum Votan, and that just this connection hooks us up with a flow of prophecy that makes us whole. I is truly a holy path to work with the highest joy on the fullfillment of the Quetzalcoatl project. May the Heart of Nine live long!
In holland we experienced a great day out of time. Some three to four hundred people gathered in the centre of the country. The opening ceremony was a strong invocation of Quetzalcoatl followed by the rainbow bridge meditation. The day was filled with many beautifull presentations, practices, healings, prayers and other arts. The foundation for the law of time Holland was publically presented in the form of a folder which explained the role of the foundation in America and Votan and the way the foundation in Holland relates to you. At the backside is the rainbowbridge meditation. (I will send the folder later, when I am at my home computer). You'll probably be soon informed about some great developments concerning a publisher for all the books ...
I feel inspired to gather some groups of artists for the solar birthday of the Harmonic Convergence and I was wondering if there are some special guidelines or practices for those days? (see: http://www.lawoftime.org/2012/hc20.html)
I am reading the Knowledge Book, and followed your advise just to read whenever i feel like. It is highly inspiring for me and my life partner Selfexisting Seed. Feeling, knowing and hearing the presence of Our Invisible Guides, 4 Seed and I decided we had to go to Mexico which will occur on the crystal dragon, we'll stay for 52 days. My idea is to conduct a seven day seminar with the aid of the some Mexican kin who could help organising that, most preferably on the Seven Lost Generations. God willing this idea will manifest.
Greeting of Universal Peace
Magnetic Dragon

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