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Report from Blue Galactic Storm Hirono Tanabe

Peace of the universe

Today is Blue Electric Eagle day.
I looked at what is not believed, while meditating in the
field this morning. I looked at eye in the sky. 
When meditating.
Suddenly, I could begin to see of the filed distinctly and
consciousness extended. The bird of the blue color was
approaching me. It flew away, after seeing me. If I turn
eyes in the direction in which the bird flew away, I saw
strange clouds.

There was a strange boundary line in the center of the
lump of upper right clouds. It seems to be an upper

 The boundary line was moving slowly so that eyes might be
opened completely.  Only the clouds inside an eyelid fade
as it opens,  Clouds are lost in a circular form and a
color with the far blue stratosphere high up in the sky
could begin to be seen.

At last, eye appeared in the center of clouds.
It has clarified to an eyelid and eyelashes. Seemingly
they are not clouds. It is left eye.The 
impression resembles the Eye of God to which Hubble
photoed it last year.  (2007.2)

When it saw to the second time, I was driving the car.
When I felt that something was called, the car was parked
and outside was seen, the oblong eye of the double size
was in clouds from some which were seen in the morning.

The third time, when I had taken lunch, it began to seem
that the impending plant changed again, and
consciousness was expanded suddenly. There were eye in the
direction which looked up also then.

Twice, the line was in the form of eyes in clouds, and
clouds like a black pupil were in it.

I felt that it had to go to the sea. The nearest beach
arrives in about 20 minutes.I had been meditating in the
sea.It may be that it was better to perform that it is
otherwise more different. 

Then, I told my friends that I wanted you to make the
preparations to 2013 earnestly every day.
Old knowledge becomes obstructive, in order to catch
something new beyond all and to form some to its heart.

I realize what the special door of time opened. 
Possibly I did not reply with surprise. Even if eye do not
appear from now on, I send a reply always.

Thank you very much. 

Blue Galactic Storm Hirono Tanabe Niigata,Japan 

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