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PAN Holland Uranian Radioacticivists Day Out of Time Report

Greetings of Universal Peace!

Under the strange circumstances we find ourselves...In the past our country was made by ourselves, in a way. It is being said that “God created the world, but the Dutchmen created Holland.” Of course it was God that gifted us with the idea of making windmills. And it was God that blew the winds that kept the mills spinning. And by spinning the windmills pumped the lands dry, for us to live upon and grow the crops. In this way we came to know mother Earth first of all in her watery element, but we made a pact with the wind. Nowadays we’re still under water for several meters, and are just separated from the sea by a couple of dikes and dunes. And then within we have them rains, which just seem to keep on falling on our heads. “The good thing about those raindrops is,” my cosmic earth grandfather always says, “most of them don’t fall on you!” Well, that’s for sure. But one of those more auspicious circumstances is, that on the Day out of Time the weather is always great. And so it was on this year’s celebration of Galactic Freedom Day.

The ceremonial ground was prepared somewhere around the geographical centre of the Netherlands, with fire and geometry, and offerings made by a happy communion of souls.

The Prayer Seven Galactic Directions echoed the call of enlightenment made by the Renowned Conch Topknot. After an exposition of the special qualities of this Day out of Time with respect to the Quetzalcoatl Project, Supernova 1987 en the Road to 2012, we entered into the deeper atmospheres of timelessness. Prostrated on the Earth, drumming on the Mother with our hands we called for Quetzalcoatl’s return among us, within us. A symbolical representative Feathered Dancing Dragon-Serpent whirled around the huge circle of ceremonial magicians now adorned with tears of poignancy. A first burst of collective erotic arousal mimicked the first phase of Supernova 1987, the initial orgasm. Then came act two, the creation of the radiosonic architecture of the Circumpolar Rainbow Bridge. Made by the collective effort of telepathically constructing the crystal octahedron, the time atoms with their respective movements, the rainbow light effects were not unlike those the Dutch claire-obscure masters had in their inner visions. We knew the Wizard was coming, but first we had to close the solar ring of the Magnetic Moon Year. We thankfully returned all that was given to us this year by Hunab K’u and all our relations.

What followed on this inspiring act of planetary magick were a variety of presentations, workshops and performances. The flow of the Red Moon took us to new purposes, and so it was that on the last day of this self occulted year that we publicly announced the Dutch branch of the Foundation for the Law of Time. In a folder we explained the role of the Foundation for the Law of Time in America as it is functioning now since 2000, and we defined the role of the Dutch foundation, that is to assist the original Foundation in the creation and the distribution of the official education materials. Concerning that a wonderful meeting with a publisher occurred which just might result in a fruitful cooperation. Many people received a calendar for the new year, left with a Dreamspell kit and a Cosmic History Chronicle or choose to surf along with the Surfers of the Zuvuya. Galactic Meditation, on the Road to 2012, Turtle and Tree – all the hardware and software of the Galactic Federation, even complete galacticised costumes, was presented for the good of all.   

Though filled with bliss, a royal Potluck was brought together by all the participants (a couple of hundreds) to honour the inner realms. Informal meetings, hugs, laughs…and many known faces, for although sometimes the movement seems small, the self chosen ones magnetized by the magnet of be-ness all converge on the Day out of Time. 

While Velatropa was exploring the radiosonics of the now moment, and sundancers moved by the music, a gigantic rainbow hot air balloon was flying overhead. Quetzalcoatl the rainbow serpent, who left on a raft of serpents, apparently came back in a hot air balloon. Isn’t it amazing? Well, as our beloved one says: “Don’t be surprised when the synchronic order appears!” we’d better got used to those rainbows popping up all the time.

Such then is the report of an Uranian Radioacticivist. May all the aspirations of the Votan’s be accomplished by us putting our hands together!

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