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My name is Käy Vriend, and idd like to share some of my experiences i had in Iraq, to be precise, Ur.
When i still was in the army i was asked to go on a mission in Iraq, i didn't know why really, but i immediately wanted to go there, i had the feeling it might be a good experience.
After a month when we had a day off, we heard there was a dig-site nearby, it was the old city of Ur. Since i was always interested in archeology i wanted to go there, (typically this was on the eleventh of September)
Once we got there i was overwhelmed by the sheer size of the ruins, the people who lived there must have had great technical skill, to build such huge structures that lasted millennia, i was amazed.
Luckily we had a priest who worked for the army with us who know a lot about Ur and the ruins, like the small watering holes in the foundation of the biggest ruin, and that they even had sewers in ancient times.
After a while we got the chance to explore for ourselves, i started to climb the biggest ruin to see the view from above, in a strange way it was a very desolate place, hard to imagine that this once was
the cradle of civilisation, and i felt humbled by it. I went down again, and into some tombs, i found some bones, probably cattle, and some were most likely bones from a human hand (my guess was a thumb)

As i went further in the ruins i noticed the clay bricks had markings on them, kinda like hieroglyphs, but smaller and they looked more complicated as well, i also noticed that some were covered in clay, as if someone had been trying to conceal the markings, i have some pictures of them, (there were too much to photograph, so i only made pics of the clearest ones)

When i returned back home in Holland, i read alot about Ur and the treasures that were found, it once was a magnificent and remarkably wealthy city.
Recently ive been reading alot about the Mayans and their time-cycli, and saw that early civilisation emerged around 3100BC, that's near the foundation of Ur, which inspired me to find my place in the world,
Its surprising to see the Mayan astrology and "horoscope" being so precise, i really have the idea something big is coming up, but well see it soon enough i guess
Kind regards, Käy Overtone Skywalker

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