Busca tu Kin

Hello dear kin from planet Earth.
 I am sending you lots of love and light.
 From the Zone of the Star Cordoba, Argentina.
 A raimbow family has gathered once again in dance and evolution.
 The mind is clearer every time and the heart is shining.
 Ive given a workshop of Time and Tellepathy.
 I feel as the age of Acuario gets closer we need to go straight to the experience of tellepathy.
 Let us all focus in the reign of tellepathy and let information flow natural.
 Stop teaching the Law of Time and start living according to its foundation.
 People on earth will get to it once they make the steps they need
 in their evolutionary proccess of becoming superhumans.
 Enter the highest dimention and let our angels land on Earth.
 Be the light and let the people come to us.
 Take care of the ears of people around you.
 Feel the right word at every moment.
 Read the Noosphere.
 Leave all thought of doubt or wondering. Stop Specculating.
 Nothing will happen.
 It Is Happenning.
 We are entering the tellepathic realm.
 Soundships are landing on Earth Noosphere.
 Dont look for them in the sky.
 Open your ears and listen from your heart.
 Open your eyes and see from your secret center.
 See the Vectorial potentialities and choose according to your highest expression !
 Paint your enviroment with illusion.
 Speak clearly and don't wait anything to happen.
 Make it happen with love and patience.
 Study the space and feel the electromagnetic waves.
 If you are not confortable then MOVE!!!!!
 Move up to your best position.
 Let your body guide you !!!!!!!!
 Empower your body of energy and please........Stop thinking about your future!!!!!!!!!!!!
 We are a tellepathic network. Stop needing!!!
 Yes, stop needing and face your challenge!!!
 Perhaps people might not need so much information.
 We are called to enter the experience of tellepathy and
 surrender to be moved by our mother Earths Magnetic Heart.
 Be a Puppet !!!!!!!
 Be an Earth Puppet !!!!!!!
 Dont regulate yourself !!! No more formulas.
 Nothing must be in any way that you could imagine of.
 The teaching we need has nothing to do with forms.
 Dettach from your sense of direction and accept the perfection of your present.
 Listen to your feet while walking and give shape to the New Earth.
 Dont insist in subjects that seem to be stucked in time.
 Be new at every moment and allow yourself a spiritual death.
 Birth again and raise the fifth dimentional light of suprem conciussness.
 Planetary 7 kin 52 is my brithdate.
 We'll celebrate with 3 days of silence and telepathy.
 When we have reached "The State", the information will flow naturally.
 Love you all and trust God manifestation on Earth as a fact.
 NS kin 40
 Adrian Red Galactic Earth
 Zone of the Star

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