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A communication to the bigger Foundation,

Greetings of Universal Peace,

On this day of the extended Spectral Monkey we like to share with you all, a summary of our activities in service for the FLT as PAN UR.

We have been in some kind of whirlpool the last couple of moons. A lot is shifting and changing, which is a good thing because it gives us possibilities to learn and grow.


For the last two solar rings we’ve been busy with the translation of all the great works of Votan into Dutch. By now the translations of the Maya Factor, Earth Ascending, Surfers of the Zuvuya, Arcturus Probe, Turle and Tree have been done and also a couple of the PAN Booklets (13 moons in motion, second quranic dispensation, Dynamics of Time, Stopping Time, Galactic Meditation, 2012 Survival Guide) and last but not least the works of Votan and Red Queen, Cosmic History, Book of the Throne and the Book of the Avatar.

Next to the books we are ready with all the tools of the 4th dimension, Dreamspell, Telektonon, 7777 RM-PUM, Mystery of the Stone and a big part of the 20 tablets on the Law of Time. Being translated doesn’t mean being edited. Our goal is to finish the editing before the next solar ring.

Master Synchronic Code Book:

For this solar ring we had the intent to print the MSCB in India. We had a good start, we found a printer and we saw possibilities to gather the recourses for it. In the process the funds or recourses disappeared so we needed to find other ways. Some good friends of us are willing to donate to produce about 100 Banner of Peace flags with the intention to gather the energy/money we need for the MSCB. This all will take space in time, which is needed to manifest in the right order.

Our Planetary contact with India is going through the Solar Star. We see Solar Star as an example for 1320 artists around the world. He creates the most beautiful things and shares it with the PAN community by sending stickers, flags, postcards and calendars all over the world. Not to enrich himself but to enrich the global 1320 Art as being a Star.  


In the solar ring of the Red Magnetic Moon there was a request from the FLT to translate the website www.lawoftime.org . Our own website (panur.nl) contains the same information so we decided to transfer the content of our website to that of the foundation and translated a couple of more texts to make it all complete. In fact this is all much easier and less costly. It is nice to see that our eastern neighbours, the Polish Kin Family have done the same. Hope some more language families will apply oneself to bring all the information to one point and translate the lawoftime.org website.  

With the review of the dutch part of the website we discovered some translation mistakes, not like real mistakes but ways to say it with more easy and better words. This is because the Law of Time language is new and alive, a lot of words need to be ´invented´ to describe the English meaning. We are looking for the best way to do that.

Sometimes we wonder if planetary kin are willing to get their education and training material to help them understand the Law of Time. We experience for the last couple of moons a decline in spreading Law of Time Material. Is this the same worldwide? How can we make planetary kin understand it is wise to get yourself the Cosmic History Chronicles for example or make yourself familiar with the tools?

Earth Awareness:

Since last summer we have a new type of movement going on in the Netherlands. It is called Earth Awareness and is a group of around 2000 Kin living a revolution. We as PAN UR are very much involved in this movement because it will give us the body we need to make the change. Earth Awareness is inviting indigenous from all over the world to teach us about their way of living with the Earth. Next to providing teachings Earth Awareness is also preparing the grounds for Kin to leave the 1260 and come to live in the natural vibration of the 1320 Earth. By now we have 6 locations where we do the teachings and where we can learn how to handle our energy, waste and water. PAN UR is invited to come and live in such a place close to the Earth. We are very happy this way is opening up right before the year of the Electric Storm, which will learn us how to Activate Self generation.

A side effect is that we go off the 1260 grid. Less computers, less e/mail contact. We need to strengthen our telepathic connection and finish most of the virtual work before we leave our secure home and go to this next level of the adventure.

Biography of a Time Traveller:

We as Pan Ur believe the Biography is a very important work. It will help us a lot with the issues of copy right and to explain to Pans and Kins who or what is the messenger of this important message of a new time. Because it is so important we did our best to find a publisher for the Biography of a Time Traveller. At the moment the contract is being worked out with all the requests of Red Queen and Votan and the Layout is being made in Ashland. The publisher is in direct contact with the Red Queen who is the writer of this dazzling story. When Votan and Red Queen return to their place of meditation, Gamma 10 Solar Moon, God willing we can come to a nice and clear conclusion of this process and have the Biography published before the Electric Storm.

Thanks for reading this long communicée,

A big Rainbow Hug

Mike Magnetic Dragon

Cecillia SelfX Seed

Marian Lunar Wizard

Stef Solar Monkey

Rietje Galactic Eagle


In service for the FLT

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