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Year of the Yellow Cosmic Seed
2nd Year of the Mystery of The Stone, Seli Flows Mystery of the Stone
Planetary Dog Moon of Manifestation. Limi 13, Cube 7 Hand Accomplishment
Kin 108, Yellow Self-Existing Star
PCU: White Crystal Wizard

Report filed by Kins 201 & 240
Group Holon: Red Crystal Dragon

Cosmic History Field Trip Report I - GM108X "Easter" RECONNAISSANCE

As the birds sang early in the guide watch of Yellow Self-Existing Star, (Code 108X) two fearless time travelers appeared in a strange town, known as "Ashland" to the local intelligence, with recon on their mind and a chill on their nose.

Today is "The First 'Sunday' AFTER the First Full Moon AFTER the Spring Equinox (Planetary Moon Equinox)." According to V24.3 tradition, this day marks the "Resurrection of Jesus", observed in "churches" and "local retailers" virtually the world over - and so the duo dove into synchronicity's flow, vibrating antennae at the ready.

The two made their rendezvous at the FLT C&O (Communications & Operations office) to set their course - "Which of the variety of churches shall we research?" - in accord to their previous agreement they set off to the [supposed] Unity Church, which proved actually to be the venue of an apparently unceremonious and haphazard Velatropan celebration of same late 13th Baktun musical act. Directed away by the vacuum-wielding clean-up crew, the Crystal Dragon Binary Holon had no choice but to ready themselves for a synchronic surprise.

Continuing with no set destination, it was when kin 240 spotted a cross (a symbol used frequently on Velatropa 24.3 to identify a place of worship) on a building that the double holon re-activated its tractor beams to the object of the mission at hand. A closer inspection of this building revealed two things:

1. That this time traveling crew of synchronists was, ironically, "early"; and
2. That this particular building had established a magnetism for those who wholeheartedly agree to such phrases, somewhat typical to this land & time, like "Jesus, Lord of All" as such was proclaimed on the program of events of this very "church."

Encouraged by kin 240, and due to kin 201's repeated imprinting of the One God verses of the Holy Qur'an, the decision was made to avoid the potential conflicts that would no doubt arise had they stayed and conjured the doorway to that parallel universe and so the synchrotronic surfers yet again continued on.

The time travelers noticed something peculiar upon encountering a "Trinity" church: colorful plastic egg-shaped objects were strewn all over the lawn - Did this have something to do with the resurrection of the messenger of One Love? - So, as kin 201 explained the concept of trinity to kin 240, a nicely dressed man suddenly appeared, only to inform the chrononaut occult twins (again ironically) that they were late. So they continued on ... again.

The two made their way casually through downtown and were drawn instinctively to the loud energy of a collection of announcement flyers completely unrelated to each other. Of note was some type of chakra celebration ... sponsored by "TEXACO", which not only has nothing to do with chakras, but is also a rather "cold blooded" oil conglomerate.

Their minds instinctively working to make sense out of this baffling and incongruent array of information finally encountered a still-intact stitch of their, now seemingly fading, mission: The address of the local Unitarian Church.

Pulling the stitch, their mission, now coming into focus, unraveled. Arriving at the Unitarian Church, this time right "on time", the Sun and the Dragon flew easily into the flow of things. At last the reconnaissance could begin.

An initial observation by kin 240 was parents "leading" their children to this particular belief system. Politely, and through telepathic externalizing intelligence, the two undercover agents avoided the invitation to inscribe their given names in the church's records, and entered the gathering room now filled with singing humans (the song was "The invocation #123 'Spirit of Life'"). Next came the dedication (lighting) of the church's chalice by the children, invoked by beckon of an easter-bunny-ear-wearing clergywoman. Casually the children sauntered up to the chalice while the spectators ("congregation") watched humoredly from their pews.

The DEDICATION OF THE CHALICE was concluded with a little hoppity-hop by the bunny-ear-wearing children, followed by a cute rendition of "Here Comes Peter Cottontail.

{Exhibit A: Lyrics to Local Velatropan Church Hymnal}

Kin 201 couldn't help but feel that the level of ceremonial impactfulness was somewhat noncommittal. Taking in the environs, kin 201 also noted the beautifully designed space, at least, was ready to hold ceremony, while kin 240's smell spores were activated by the smell of breakfast food and thought it was a weird smell for a church service: "It smelled like I.H.O.P" (Hardly a synaesthetic experience). Also of note was the complete absence of any doctrinal document (only a song book) ...

Though lacking in any doctrinal document, the "church service" proceeded: via prepared speech by two women (one nearly halfway through her wavespell in the Red League of Wizards). One was an interesting presentation about a certain meaning and history of "Easter", said to come from the name of a Norse(?) Diety called "OESTRA". She spoke of easter being a "moveable" feast, due to its being determined according to the lunar calendar ...

Notes regarding the presentations:

* It was in the seed watch that one of the women was speaking about the "seed".
* It was said that the "Easter egg" concept dated all the way back to paleolithic and neolithic times, traditionally colored red, representing the life blood (Red Serpent = life force) of the one people and menstrual cycle (Red Dragon = birth), of course pre-dating Christianity, as did (so it was said) the story of the stone being rolled away (which was said to be accompanied by the invocation: "This life must live again").
* During these presentations there was a lot of preoccupation among the congregation, fragmenting the mental field into many micro-groups; yet another example illustrating the great need of true ceremonial magick to re-inspire the human populace ASAP (Are we still on intervention standby?)
* Between presentations there was, instead of clapping, a hand-twisty motion that everyone made
* In a presentation entitled "Jesus Remembered", it was said that Jesus lived during a time of "... too much government. Sound familiar?" *cue chuckles from the audience/congregation* It was also said that along with his respectable male traits he was also loving in an "overt feminine way". Also was read the, very cool (recommended), Sermon on the Mount.
* All of the "sermons" were presented by women except for one man who humbly read a short poem - within which was a line along the lines of "may you be enlightened when times are murky"
* Also, (and much to kin 201's relief), it was stated that God is available to ALL through prayer.
* At some point in the presentations, the phrase was stated: "Garden Spirituality".

Notes regarding the songs (other than "Peter Cottontail"):

* A high point of the singing was #21 (7.7.7) Entitled "For the Beauty [= Yellow Star] of the Earth" {note: the footer of the page was coded with}. A verse worth repeating here:

"For the joy of ear and eye,
for the heart and mind's delight,
for the mystic harmony
linking sense to sound and sight;
Source of all to Thee we raise
this, our hymn of grateful praise."

* Kin 201 felt that some of the singing was pretty but somewhat dramatic, feeling more like segue music between acts of a play, and hence separating the experience - visually: church (kind of); audio: play.

Incidentally, the "service" was concluded with the invitation to an Easter Egg Hunt.

Chromatic Coding of the Easter Egg Hunt is as Follows:
[Key: "age range" : "eggs they can get"]

Adults : Blue
Teens : Green
6-11 : Purple & Pink
<6 : Yellow & Orange
Everybody : Red ("but be careful, they are 'wild'" {the intrepid synchronists weren't sure what to make of this})


Having discretely ducked out from the easter egg adventure, the two triumphant travelers of time left with the feeling of accomplishment and successful mission.

So, afterwards, they adventured freely through the strange town, taking in a number of fascinating, mind-boggling, frightening and humorous observations ... finding a nice place to sit and take sensory readings of the surroundings, the Rhythmics saw one infamous, rhythmically endowed gentleman standing just outside of the local ice cream parlor, who soon vanished into thin air, an act which apparently called forth a magnetic vortex and doorway that later summoned our heroic time travelers, into the ice cream parlor, where they conducted this report.

"Cosmic History is an internal revolution dependent on the cultivation of seeing."

"All of the perceptions you have accumulated must be washed away in light of the truth that there is only one tradition, one religion, one Earth and one being.

- Cosmic History Chronicles, Volume 1

We invite everyone to make an active engagement of their perceptions and universe, a great place to start is the Cosmic History Chronicles Volume 1, Workbook: Click here to download for free.

Report submitted by Red Rhythmic Dragon and Yellow Rhythmic Sun on behalf of inspiring growing perceptions and opening minds of the budding homo noosphericus on Velatropa 24.3!

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