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Blue Crystal Night Gathering in Ashland, Oregon

Planetary Moon Dali 8

Blue Monkey Region -Turtle Island, Velatropa 24.3
Report to planetartnetwork.info
kin present:
Dan Blue Magnetic Hand, kin 27
Tim White Self-existing Dog, kin 30
Crystal White Crystal Mirror, kin 38
Tokat Red Galactic Skywalker, kin 73
Lukin White Lunar Worldbridger, kin 106
Teresa Yellow Self-existing Star, kin 108
Melissa Red Overtone Moon, kin 109
Ty Blue Cosmic Eagle, kin 195
Kelly Yellow Rhythmic Sun, kin 240
Chris Yellow Magnetic Star, kin 248
Ariel Yellow Cosmic Sun, kin 260
On day 260 of this Yellow Cosmic Seed Year, 1st day of the 2nd week of the Planetary Moon, 11 kin gathered to discuss the World 13 Moon Calendar Change, to learn, to share... Intentions can be very different, but when each is honored and respected, the end result can be a unified, inspiring experience. Such was the case this evening...
Kin 73 and myself, kin 30, had been discussing the World 13 Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement for several days prior to this gathering. There isn't any question that throughout the history of this movement, kin become involved and then fall away.
Sure the reasons vary, but I have to believe that without a good understanding of the importance of calendar change, often one kin's interest in the 13 Moon Calendar diminishes as he or she instead sees it all as some Maya Calendar trip of sorts.  
From the most recent Rinri report, Rinri Project Newsletter III
Mystery of the Stone Edition, Volume 2, No. 2, written by Jose Arguelles ~ Valum Votan:
"...there is a continuing habit of calling the Thirteen Moon synchronometer "the Mayan calendar", while using (neo-astrological) forms of fortune telling in describing the seals and tones, foregoing the galactic signatures altogether. This is lamentable, because the Dreamspell Telektonon 13-moon 28-day synchronometer is a new dispensation meant to challenge and expands the mind out of old neo-babylonian mental ruts. And when it is increasingly cast into fortunetelling style of interpretation inside of a Gregorian calendar format, it is also totally missing the point, and even obscuring the possibility of seeking or experiencing the new... An Earth Wizard is not a fortune teller. Fortune telling is a Babylonian program based on hope and fear of the ego as a function of a materialist belief system. The Dreamspell is meant to overcome and abolish fortunetelling. "The Book of Kin presents the spells that hold the keys to magic flight." Magic flight is time travel. Time travel is of an order of reality that has nothing to do with fortune telling. How can we ever learn time travel if we timidly reject the galactic signature codes in favor of fortune telling? To turn the codes of the Dreamspell - seals, tones, galactic signatures - into fortune telling is to revert to the Babylonian 12:60 spells of death, ego, powerlessness and superstition..."

This had just been received only a few days before the Blue Crystal Night gathering. I am often weary of even discussing the galactic signatures if there is little or no mention of the 28-day aspect of the 13-moon 28-day synchronometer. The galactic signatures and the 28-day aspect are equally important, no need to compare anyway. But so often I have felt such an interest from kin who want to learn and kin who want to share, and the only aspect discussed is the galactic signatures. Some say that this is "what draws them in." Yet my experience has been that kin are at least as often intrigued by information regarding calendars as devices of control, the effects of the structure of a calendar on human consciousness and the history of calendar reform. Sometimes it feels to me like two separate conversations, when it should be one.
So back to ths gathering...
Most of the kin listed above had arrived, and we circled, introducing ourselves. I passed out Brazilian pocket calendars to the kin who had no other 13 moon calendar with them. One kin did not know her galactic signature, very new to the movement and full of questions
right away. Kin 240 decoded her with a Dreamspell galactic compass: Red Overtone Moon, and I mentioned that her 13-month birthday is Lunar 3. The questions came flowing out of kin 109 (who had arrived with kin 108). Soon kin 240 whispered to me, "...the Prayer of the Seven Galactic Directions..." And in a moment we were outside, barefoot on thick grass...
After returning indoors, kin 27 made a special announcement of the All Nations Gathering Ceremony, Spectral 12 and 13, a re-harmonization of the 21 sacred sites in the areas of Wyoming, Idaho, Utah, Arizona, Nevada, California, Oregon and Washington. For more information, please go to tetonrainbows.com and/or  vortexmaps.com and/or call Dan Shaw 541.951.3394.
Two kin had just arrived, two whom none present had met before. They had moved to Ashland from Jackson, Wyoming this past "December" (mostly likely Rhythmic Moon) and had received kin 30's email announcement of this Crystal gathering on the Ashland community email system, Webspirit. (It is much worth noting that the Webspirit online calendar is now integrated with an option to view through a 13-month lens as well as the usual 12.) These beautifully wide-eyed and deeply respectful kin, kin 38 and 248, began talking with me about calendar reform and human consciousness before even entering the space where the rest of us had returned from prayer. After introductions, the conversation was quickly back to galactic signatures. It was then that I began to speak about the simplicity of the 13-month, 28-day calendar. Kin 73 offered his insight of the 28-day cycle as the cycle of biological sensibility, and suddenly there felt to be a balance in the conversation. He said, "The Gregorian calendar is like having spokes of the tires of your bicycle that are uneven..." I mentioned something that James Twyman had once said to me, that the 28-day month is like having the hole of your record (LP) exactlly in the center, otherwise you're not going to hear the music as it is meant to be heard. And we talked about the program, the Babylonian program whose operating system is the Gregorian Calendar, how it is a program full of programs that fill our minds, implicitly - sometimes explicitly - telling us what to think... 
Before long, kin 38 mentioned that she had just read the very recent Rinri report and how informative it is. Just after I collected a few materials to share, including the kit, The Mystery of the Stone, she asked about something she had read, regarding the 7-year cycle... She had also mentioned her Ashtanga Yoga practices. I recommended the book, Cosmic History Volume I, and knew that the one spare Mystery of the Stone kit I had with me should be hers. She graciously offered a kind donation to the Foundation for the Law of Time for the kit along with her purchase of Cosmic History Volume I, Book of the Throne.
As we talked about using the 13 Moon Calendar on a daily basis, kin 108 mentioned that she has often told her two children that the 12-month Gregorian calendar is the "pretend calendar." I responded by saying that in some ways, all calendars are pretend calendars, just as the Gregorian program began by pretending that 10 days had elapsed overnight, from October 5 to October 16, 1582. But the 13 Moon Calendar is a synchronometer, a measure of synchronicity, and the Dreamspell istelf is a new dispensation of time, of a higher order of reality for this time. Again from the Rinri Project Newsletter III, Mystery of the Stone Edition, Volume 2, No. 2:
"Each of the 260 code spells of the Book of kin is a facet of a galactic meditation - the Galactic Dreamspell - that is meant to lift the human out of the Babylonian battleground of ego. Something or somebody else is meditating this higher reality. When we enter into the higher reality (without our ego) then we participate in this galactic meditation. To say that the code spells are too hard to understand is to avoid the challenge of evolution.

The Dreamspell and the 13:28 synchronometer are not the Mayan calendar. They are galactic tools to enter us into a new order of reality - Galactic Standard Time and the synchronic order. The Dreamspell 13:28 synchronometer did not come from the earthly Maya, but from the Galactic Federation, among whom are numbered the Galactic Maya, and whose terrestrial surveillance outpost is known the AA Midway station. The Indigenous Maya are descendants who have consolidated the original knowledge into their own local traditions which have their own indisputable validity, including the Mayan calendar - the long count of days to 2012.

The Indigenous and Galactic Maya have a common root - 13:20 frequency. But at the closing of the cycle with 6.5 billion planetary humans, the necessity of new knowledge to assist in the evolutionary transcendence into the supermental superhuman required the new dispensation, Dreamspell. Only in this way could the contemporary human of whatever racial or cultural origin learn about the synchronic order and so become re-harmonized with the universe. There is no place for fortunetelling in this process."
As a fitting conclusion to our Crystal day gathering, Ariel kin 260 arrived, much in his integrity, having just finished working a late shift. As others departed, he expressed how deeply the Rinri report had affected him, bringing him to tears and reawakening his commitment to the 13 Moon Calendar. Within this Babylonian program, it is not always easy, especially when most with whom we communicate are not on the path of 13 moons. But when so often within daily conversation, we mention calendar days, isn't it the least we can do to refer to the corresponding 13-month date for every Gregorian date we say or hear? Today, for example, it is April 16. Many say (or pretend) that it is Easter. Whenever it is April 16, it is Planetary 13, no matter what year it is. Let us not be afraid to speak our minds, especially when we have this responsibility. It only takes a moment. Today is also Yellow Self-existing Star, kin 108, kin of the Galactic Maya Transmission, GM108X. Enough said. 
Report submitted on behalf of all kin present on kin 103, Planetary 8 and on behalf of
the World 13 Moon Calendar Change Peace Plan and Movement.

The official website of the 13 Moon Calendar Change Peace Plan is: www.lawofTime.org
Thank you to all kin working with planetartnetwork.info
In Lak'ech!
Kin 30

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