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PAN CHILE Node Council Report

Planetary Moon, Yellow Cosmic Seed Year


Since the Overtone Moon, The Planetary Art Network of Santiago, Chile, made an intense and vast summoning in order to gather the greatest quantity of representatives of the network in Chile. This work reunion was realized with success on Planetary kali 11- limi 13, easter weekend.


• Establish good mutual relations with kin of each node, make them better and reformulate them within the ambit of One Earth, One People, One Time.
• To know the reality of the Nodes in the territory.
• Coordinate and empower the existing structure and communication base in order to facilitate and develop an effective participation and crystal action between Kin, Nodes, Bioregions and PanChile as an integral unit.
• To project a continous work, coordinating and sinchronizating for the 13 year period of the Moon Wavespell, starting on Red Magnetic Moon Year, including the Closing of the Cycle of the mayan long count and 2013 galactic synchronization.

The necessity of coordinating the network has been also strongly motivated by the soon-to-be visit of the Red Queen and Valum Votan to our country.

The encounter was initiated in Kali 11, kin 106, White Lunar World-Bridger in the locality of la Palma Ibacache, district of María Pinto, Metropolitan Region, Maipo basin, where is found the natural experimentation house “Aniyos”.

To the summoning assisted emissaries from San Pedro de Atacama (II region), Valle del Elqui (IV region), V región, Metropolitan Region, Bío-bío (VIII region) and Chiloé (X region). Representatives from both Iquique and La Serena supported the reunion from their respective places, unable to travel. This way, a vast spectrum of our national territory was represented, generating us the trust of the network sense we want to empower as PAN. The decisions were taken using the consense process.


The reunion materialized the articulation of the network, reflecting the actual situation and a series of meditations tending to remember us the necessity of establishing purpose from the doing of each member, with special emphasis in strenghtening the structure of existing nodes. The facilitation of the arising of new nodes and the definition of four principal adventures or energetic focalization areas referred to as Education, Relations, Gardens and Art.

Adventures are missions taken willingly by any kin from any region of PANChile, with the end of achieving a purpose, being able to set target dates.

The missions from Education Adventure may exist within:
• Developing educational plans and materials
• Actualization and propagation of new information (kits, newsletters)
• Educational web sites
• Configuration and functioning of Study groups and centers
• Educational Activities coordination (simposiums, workshops, talks, study encounters, universities incursions, etc.)

Some of the missions of Relation Adventures may be:
• Difussion of the Law of Time, 13 Moon Sinchronary and other compatible subjects (giving away pamphlets, banner of peace, free sinchronaries, etc.)
• Divulgation materials production and distribution mediums (in coordination with educational adventurers)
• Node web pages, web portal
• Alliances with other spiritual groups/leaders or of similar purposes.
• Reciprocal and constant communication with other countries/bioregions nodes and Foundation for the Law of Time/GRI

Some of the missions of Gardens Adventures may be:
• Peace Gardens, Educational Centers and CREST
• Bio-construction, Permaculture, Agriculture, etc.
• Practices and Disciplines (sungazing, raw food, living on light, Yoga, Meditation, etc.)
• Work with local communities

The missions of Art Adventure may reside within:
• Day out of time
• Equinoxes and Solstices
• Day of Earth, Peace Banner
• Other gatherings and Celebrations
• Installations, artistic interventions, etc.
• Creativity!

All this Missions and Adventures are tightly related with each other, for example a sinchronary magazine production adventure involves educational adventurers to design and generate the material, and then Relations adventurers may do the work of establishing distribution networks and communication with distributing nodes. In an artistic celebration (Art), as DOOT, may exist educational activities as talks (Education), divulgation and give away of free synchronaries (Education, Relations), practical workshops of construction-permaculture (Gardens, Yoga class (gardens), etc. Relations adventurers also may take note in a database of the participants. Of course one kin may involve in different adventure ambits, if he/she has the energy to do it, and in any ocassion all adventurers must be communicating with each other and aware of the advance of the rest of the missions.

This four adventures are focalizations we suggest to be strenghtened and projected by each existing and not-yet-born node, and that they orient the doing of each bioregion in its planetary service. They are autoassuming and autoinitiative and autoorganizing andventures, put in service of all the network, flexible to creativity and action of each kin and node.

Network Structure

A structuration order for the network was establish, based in nodes, where more than 2 kin together, with a purpose in common, neighbors or semi-neighbors, periodical reunions (crystal courts) and bioregional intercomunication, compound a group of kin in planetary service called node. Many nodes geografically near conform a region/bioregion, and all 13 regions of Chile the horizontal integral set PanChile. Kin and nodes embark on planetary service adventures.

Depending on purposes, qualities, situation or kind of adventures each node embarks on, there may be different node categories, as study group nodes, activist nodes, activities organization nodes, garden nodes, etc.

Node Registering

While the Internet exists, and considering the cybersphere as facilitator of certain precursor characteristics of a intercommunicated telepathic globar network functioning, the web portal of PanChile, driven by kin of different bioregions and nodes and not-centralized, will register inscriptions and publish in a macroregion map the points where nodes and kin are, and also will proportionate a dynamic system of intercommunication for nodos with other nodes and with the exterior. This web portal will be of easy upload and actualization, so any node can help mantain the site. That way it will be easy to know who we are, where we are and how we can work better in a crystal cooperative way.

Conscious that for achieving the objectives it is very often needed to work with actual transaction standards, and knowing the great part of the diverse operations realized by the network in Chile have been made thanks to voluntary donations, a kin or node lunar contribution was proposed. That way, each node contributes with a small periodical contribution (monthly, each 28 days), to a found to accomplish the purposes of adventures that need money (events, web sites, material productions, etc.) The destination of this found will be, before used, published to consense by means of the web portal. This same portal will carry a public or node-public register about recaudations and expenses. At the same time, each node that contributes receives a restitution of its contribution as materials, invitations and other benefits. It is also hoped to continue with donation support.


After finished the 3 day work session, a group of the assistants realized a visit to know the place of our semi-neighbors, Ecocenter Eluwe, in Loyca, South of Melipilla. Here we arrived in the precise moment to participate y a “chanupah” ceremony (closing of a Ecovillage design workshop) and later share with our brother kin EcoVillagers the purpose in common and the certainty of this time of unions and universal alliances.

Aditionally, we talked about the necessity of a greater respect regarding communications made by the FLT in which it is emphatized to distinguish clearly that Dreamspell's dispensation of time is not the mayan long count. It was agreed to recommend kin, nodes and pans, to avoid referring to the 13 Moon Synchronary as “the mayan calendar”, and strenghten the use of the word “synchronary” to refer to it.

As one of the big conclusions and crystal affirmations of this gathering, we have been able to recognize the end of a great phase for PAN Chile, and a resurrection in new time. We reaffirm the history o PAN/RAP and 13 Moon change Peace Movement as a history within a synchronic order that bring us to this present in which we have seen the manifestation of the necessity to ground with armonic urgence the Peace Plan on Earth.

Relation adventurers, santiago node.

Sealed kin 118, White Magnetic Mirror
Seli 23 Dog Planetary Moon
Yellow Cosmic Seed Year of the Red Lightning Child Great Emptiness

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