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PAN Paraguay Report

Greetings 1320 family!

Im in Paraguay, right at Yaguaron, 52 kms away from Asuncion.
Im staying in a community with wonderfoul people, sharing all knowledge and experience on time and arts.
This last moon we had an international meeting of Contact Improvisation dance, experiencing out of time state of mind with 13:20 tools giving context and guide.
Today, the event ended with an artistic manifestation at the smaal town main square, with a Butoh Out of Time walk, wich is an extremely low speed walk.
While walking, i was filled with no time perceptions and visions, and a very clear inspiration to perform this kind of no Time manifestations in cities and central squares and main streets.
Two years ago i was inspired with a mirror manifestation that i envisioned as a manifestation with mirrors without words in the central sqares of the main cities of the planet. I contact Valum Votan by mail, and he encouraged me to take it foward.  On that day, the 52nd ring celebration of the opening of Pakal Votans thomb, while many kin where gathered in Nah Chan, just 7 kins (no more no less) performed and embodied this vision.
I find today that this vision is still alive in me as finding the right manifestation for a Time is Art Galactic Culture Emergence Massive Triggering.
Anyone interested in getting to our community in Paraguay can contact me at curalalocura@yahoo.com.ar
May peace be in all of us, enlighting us from within.
keep the circle rolling
Klatu Barada Niktu
In Lake'ch
Adrian G.
177 Red Galactic Earth


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