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PAN Pacifica - California - Spectral Moon

Red Crystal Moon Day Report

PAN Pacifica is still meeting every crystal night and are becoming a strong core group of activated kin – especially after meeting with the Japanese kin that came to meet us on Planetary 26, Red Self-existing Dragon.  We feel so blessed to have time with kin that are so accomplished in promoting the calendar change.  They shared with us their wisdom and support. We all were divinely inspired by sharing our journeys along the path and our healing dreams with each other.

Last night, Red Crystal Moon, we came together at Katy 10 Serpent's house where we shared our ideas that have been brewing and percolating since meeting with the Japanese kin.  We have decided to attend various festivals and events around the Bay Area this summer and actively promote the 13 Moon Calendar Change Peace Plan.  In addition, we are beginning to plan a Day Out of Time celebration gathering in or near San Francisco this year.

One of the festivals we will be attending this summer is the Harmony Festival in Santa Rosa, CA http://www.harmonyfestival.com/ - where Jose (Valum Votan) will be opening and closing the festival.  He will also be meeting after the festival with local kin to catalyze, strategize and crystallize a 6+-year vision to prepare for the big shift. 

We all send our deepest love telepathically to all kin around the world.

In Lak'ech,
Kate overtone hand.


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