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PAN France Report

Yellow Cosmic Seed year
Spectral Moon
3 Gamma, Solar World-Bridger, kin 126
“Realising opportunity….”

Greetings of peace and love for all planetary kins!

Like a turtle, in PAN France we are very slow… So here is the report of the coming of Valum Votan last summer, on magnetic Mirror… yeah, already a Tzolkin!!

Indeed, in the magnetic moon of the Yellow Cosmic Seed, on 15 Dali, Magnetic Mirror, we've been planting one of our first seed of consciousness in the meeting with Valum Votan and the Red Queen.
Like a hurricane, Michel, kin 251 has disturbed the quietness of this little place in South of France, named La Roque de Fa in the Aude area, better known as the Cathars land. This energic guy had this wonderful idea of inviting Valum Votan and the Red Queen in France for a little stop between their lectures in Spain and Switzerland. They fully accepted the invitation and stopped for a quick lecture during their European tour. It was really fantastic, all was organised very quick; a farmer lend one o his field surrounding by mountains and wildness!

First idea of Michel was to create a giant living Tzolkin, but as we were not enough kins to create it, we formed instead a big circle of 200 kins!

Many of them were there to attend lectures of Blue Eagle, a native American shaman. Like a big synchronicity, many members of the Rainbow family were there to attend Blue Eagle's teachings and they participated in creating this big circle and attending a Blue Monkey's teachings!

The meeting began with the creation of this big circle and the prayer of Seven Directions.

Then, after a galactic meal under the shadow of the single tree in the area, Valum Votan gave us a quick lecture on the New Time and the 13:20 frequency. He also thanked Pan France members for the creation of the French synchronometer.

This beautiful day has been achieved by a meditation and beautiful meetings of new kins on the road to 2012.

To honour this beautiful day of living harmony, in the South of England appeared a very nice and mayan crop circle….a very nice synchronicity, isn't it???

We thank all the kins who have participated in creating this big event.
Pan France has participated in it with a lot of joy and enthusiasm.
We have been organising some other events since then, like 2 big seminars on the Law of Time with the big cooperation of our beautiful friends of PAN UR. You can read the report in French (spectral moon report) or in English (planetary moon).

We will try to inform you of our latest manifestations and gatherings. Since the seminars, we are organising Crystal meeting in “PAN France base”; and encourage every kin to do the same in their area.
We thank very very much our big light companions from PAN UR!

Wishing all the best to all of you,
With love and light

Véronique & Paul

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