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PAN Paraguay - Spectral Moon Report

Greetings from Paraguay!!!

This moon i just had to realease the service. That's why i took an adventure on Asuncion, the capital city in Paraguay to find nodes, kin and Telektonon executioners. And so i found several kin that once had already have a node and where still working and aware of the continuous galactic news and events.

This includes Norma 7 Eagle, Jose 13 Worldbridger, Juanchi 13 Skywalker, Prabat 2 Human and Javi 6 Sol from Spain.

They were at the final stage in organizing a concert and so Telektonon put us together at work.
On the Red Rithmic Moon day we presented some 13:20 images on the screen while the bands kept the music purifying the universal water of equality, and got us ready for organizing a big concert on the day out of time.

I've been also in a local radio station and agreed with its director Soledad 2 Sun in recording a CD with the spoken daily sinchronic order so they can play during the morning news giving the citi-zen a fourthdimentional time experience everyday.

The meeting of kin is always so gratifying and we've all got overloaded of cosmic memory and visions from the sacred city, where Telektonon is played ....or... isn't it playing with us?

Im ready to go back now to our small community in Yaguaron at km 51+1 where an organizational direction must be collectively taken. Im askin to the 13:20 family to pulse and let us all be receptive to the supreme one.

I hope i'll send the details and pictures of Pan Asuncion on the next report.
love all

177 Red Galactik Earth
Silio 28 Spectral Moon of liberation of the Serpent

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