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Notes From the Garden

Kin 166, White Planetary Worldbridger, Crystal Moon 15, Yellow Cosmic Seed Year 

Calling all Wizards!

As the last cherries of the season become jam, pies and syrup—not to mention those eaten straight off the trees—the World Peace Garden in the Itria Valley of southern Italy continues its transformative work under the 13 Moons.  Transformation in the literal sense as we watch light and minerals interact to become almonds ripening under the sun, fioroni, those first, big, fat figs that some trees produce before the usual crop in the second or third moon—they look as though they're about to explode with joy; the corn surprised us by its abundance and the zucchini peeks out from its huge leaves under the shade of the walnut trees; the Garden never ceases to offer its fruits to those who dialogue in harmony with the Earth, to those who realize we are her servants, not her masters.

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