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PAN Paraguay Report

13.4 Cosmic Yellow Seed
12.28 Silio, Crystal Moon of Cooperation
19.10 Blue Planetary Storm
UPC 12.9 Yellow Solar Human

Scientist look for a cause for the Mayan to dissapear. Artist look for a meaning. Who's on the right research?
The following report is extense and done with full heart and meaningfull service to those who really believe that Time is Art.

¿Do you know why does magic manifest at the very last moment?
Because the wizard is not a thief.
Mind arises from Time and gets dissolved in Cosmos.
Cosmos is a reflect of time as conciusness.
Ships are already here.
We may need a chaman to push his finger into the middle of our eyebrows
and so we'll see.

Greetings Velatropa 24.3 !!

I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, bioregion of the Moon, on the year of the Blue Planetary Storm, Silio 7, Planetary Moon, kin 177 Red Galactic Earth, so i can guess what this day is about.
I've been travelling almost continuosly in the last 9 years. As every traveller knows, since i started, i just couldn't stop. As im writing just in my same harmonic 45 Spectral Matrix coded by codon 22 Temple of Vision, id like to realease a complete report modellating sinchronicity. I hope you enjoy it.
Right after the 9.11 unavoidable event, between October and December 2001, Yellow Solar Seed year i visited India. Anyone who has been there, or heard of it, knows how intense and profound this experience may become, and so it was for me, without almost noticing it, i was gradually guided deep inside a full cosmic spiritual dimension of sinchronicity and significance. Arrived to Delhi, i quickly took a ride to the mountains on the north. By that time i was more interested on a cannabis harvest than on any type of spirituallity or faith, but it didnt last much. I took the Ganga route from Manikaran to Haridwar, Rishikesh and then to Varanasi (Benares) to finally cross back to Delhi. These are some of the most sacred places in India. They are plenty of sounds, smells and colors, sights, songs and dances, moons, stars and rivers with an all encompasing mistery pervading it all from the tip in the toes to the edge of the last hair on the explorer head.
Sooner than what i would have expected, contact with baba, saddhu, sacred spiritual man of no material possesions, awakened me to a reality full of symbols and meaning, respect and love, compassion and devotion, naturally surged from the deep clear perception of higher order of realitys and behaviour, a sense of a type of moral conduct and expression that seemed to have come out from a dream of some lost world, wich put me in the face of the contemplation of the feeling of being experiencing my very soul and its memories of different lifes at different times and different spaces.     
Afcourse that this type of mystic experience seems impossible to describe in its entirety but i understood that it is well worth the art of slowly decoding it in time, so the mind can get ballanced with the spirit in the processing and releasing of perceptions and memories, of wich i had in this trip some sort of a highly condensed amount of cosmic recovery of psychic and spiritual information to work about, that definetively signed my life to the dedication and exploration of the most misterious and revelative aspects of this experience we all share.
As i got to Rishikesh wich is like a world city of yoga and meditation practices, i started to interest in these, but it was when i was travelling to Varanasi that some higher dimentional entity seemed to decide to take contact with me. 
I was on the train station, already sitting in my bed on a tourist class wagon, when an hindu man, after inviting me with some chai tea, fooled me as a child and told me to watch something through the window to rapidly take my bag and leave runnig out of the train and dissapear. There went all my money, credit card, passport and ticket, to say, all of my life, or my personality, was taken out from me, while the train was about to leave as well, in a train station that was filled with hundreds and thousands of people. I was all shooked on adrenaline and run out off the train so desperately that i couldn´t even scream, leaving my bigger backpack with clothes on the train, and i was right getting to the main entrance of the station while the train was already sounding it sirens announcing its departure, when another man which will always be an angel to me, came in with my bag in his hands and gave it back to me. I never knew where he came from or how to thank him. He told me to go quickly and get back to the train before it leaves and so i put my hands together in thankful reverence and left. 
And so i got to Varanasi right on the Diwali celebrations, when the hole city gets dressed with lights and sweets, while reading in my tourist guide that i was getting to a city who is famous for having dimentional doors to the world of the death. I took a rikshaw and got to a guest house wich i didnt like because it was too filled with western tourists, so i took a walk in the next morning aiming to find a more relaxed place, closer to the feeling that i was expriencing and looking to increase. 
I was walking through the streched streets of old Varanasi turning on a corner close to the Golden Temple when i just intuitively stopped and sit, and saw a man looking at me. We got into a conversation and i told him my trip and what happened to me, so he invited me into his small shop and decided to teach me a meditation style, along with some cosmic stories about Shiva and Krsna and Brahma. He then explained me where to find a place to stay and how to keep a practice, and so i spent about ten days of intense meditation and purification, sunrises contemplation, mystic visions, temple visits and candle and flower offerings, while the city was fully embeautyfied by the Diwali celebration of lights. Jay was the name of my teacher who said to be a guru that like to guide sometimes to the tourist that comes to him as he feels they can get along with the practice. 
After a week or so Jay teached me some kind of secret tantric meditation, which had  to be made at midnight, and it was supposed to initiate me in the deeper secrets of the tantra, not exactly related to a sexual item but tantra as “continuity” or the transformation of opposite energies into absolute harmony, through the combination of alcohol, marihuana, mantra and simbology. This practice we had provoked me a very altered state of conciussness. 
It was then that another mystic developement was waiting for me. I practiced so intenselly and so faithfully, that in the following days i couldn´t have conversation with any people, because every people became the same person, the same spirit, the same voice, the same questions, the same answers, the same soul. Everything got dissolved into One Hole in the current experience while questions arose from somewhere on my mind wondering what happened to the old world of diversity and how should i behave in a reality of wich i know no pattern and no law. How to relate to a wholeness without loosing a sense of action or a sense of self existence. So i had no choice than to get dissolved into the now and nothing but the now. Just as when we sleep, the  “me and the world” experience dissapears to become just the dream experience itself, i had to forget about being me and the world or me and god to be just the awakened dream itself having place in god´s mind of wich i came to be but a compassionate observer. 
Among the many events that started happening wich i percieved with a multidimensional sense of meaning as i was walking the path from life to afterlife, I lost the train that was supposed to get me back to Delhi, and as i could get no other ticket, i got back into town and i was invited by some little friends who looked like angels to stay on a small temple hosted by a kind baba and another man of sharp expression. It was on that night that on the fear of not knowing the depth, base or sense of the reality i was experiencing i just decided to sit and meditate chanting the mantras i learned until i got so absorved in it that a flood of sensations started to appear bringing messages and visions, so i grabbed my pen and my notebook and after many drawings and phrases i wrote:


When i saw this sentence i felt that i just understood it all. It´s multiple dimentional meanings took me to the very direct perception of a global mind by supreme intelligence coordinated of wich i had no doubt of it´s existence and presence. I looked at it for a while and i observed that inside of what i used to think it was my mind, there was a living shining light guiding me, taking care of me, teaching me and especially communicating with me.

I walked out the temple. The night was deep dark. I was astonished, excited and yet self centred. I was expecting nobody to be on the streets but suddenly people started to walk by. I got to the river and there was a mass of people singing, raising candles and observing rites at the river. It was the day of the birth of Krsna someone told me. I felt like an unknown Jesus walking the town. I didn´t seem to be able to communicate with people very well so i sat and wait and hoping for the sun to come out, while i had no certainity that it would really happen. 
After a long, unending time, the sun finally raised, it shined in the deep center of my heart with calm and peace. I felt reborn. There was a new life beggining for me, for whoever or whatever i was or i had become i knew that i wouldn´t be alone. 
This happened on a very special day : 10.11.01 on the gregorian calendar. Selfexisting moon, Gamma 24 Blue Crystal Monkey, PCU White Lunar Dog. If some kin reading this gets to India i ask him to please check the zip code of Varanasi, Benares. My mom, Yellow Lunar Warrior, was living on a Blue Crystal Monkey when i was born.
What followed was a very mystic journey of return to Delhi and an even more mystic and strange extremely synchronic experience of mind dissolved in space experience in the city, while i was learning on the universal holomind, and how to behave on it.
When i got back to Buenos Aires i started an intuitive search for the Mayan as i knew that on it there was lying the key that would help me restore and integrate the wide spectrum of experiences into one simplest comprehensive reality. I got to it on a Sunday afternoon at Plaza Francia Square, and it was just the beggining of a deeper time travelling adventure of galactic sinchronization that took me through a clear tunnel of sinchronic order until the present moment.
I wish i could stop writing for this seems to be a long enough report but i can´t finish until the crystal core is ready and shining and me and the reader are set ready for the magick flight of the cosmic seed to the cosmic star, the kin 104 to kin 208 unfolding of divine plan.
After a couple of weeks studying a 13 moon magazine alone during a two week frustrated escape from civilization in Ilha do Mel Island in South Brazil, i lefted it while in my mind i was trying to get back to a civilizated normal state of being, for i had a girlfriend waiting for me in Ecuador and i needed to make some money in order to get there. So i locked my mystical self on a box and got back to the old world and got a job in an exchange office. I spent 6 months counting dollars and dollars getting my fingers green trying to fit to this reality as much as i could. From time to time a bubble of higer conciussnes raised to the surface of mi being bringing me to a very complex state of divided self wich i dont wish to ever feel again. When i got the money for the trip i left to Ecuador and spent four months of a conflictive relationship while working at a Pub called “El pobre diablo” (Poor devil) and visiting Krsna and Tao temples for keeping some sipritual connection from time to time. 
When my relationship ended close to my 26 birthday i met some japanese buddhists and got into practice with them, wich helped me cleaning my mind from all vision and starting again in the real work of allignament of body, mind and spirit. After a few weeks practicing “Nam myojo rengue kyo” recitation i was walking back to my home in Quito one day, when i found a new old friend walking along carrying a backpack with the banner of peace. I intuitively invited him to stay with me and Christian, a White Electric Mirror Taoist Painter with whom we were living outside the city on a nice artesans neigborhood with a sight to the mountains. This new friend was Oscar. Blue Rithmic Night from Colombia, who re-activated me by helping me with synchronaries, books and understanding on the Law of Time wich this time i knew, was the right time to jump in and so i did after reading the Surfers of Zuvuya, finding complete identification with what was going on. 
Oscar and I travelled together down to the Call of the Condor where i met Valum and Stephanie.  
- “¿Why are you wearing sunglasses?”, i asked
- “¿I dont want to be recognized?”, he replied
This is what i consider a real galactic conversation happened on the Kin 216 Yellow Galactic Warrior when i thought “well, i dont use to get close to famous people but well, i let the magnetic field just move me. Pakal Votan is guiding me today so i'll get close and see what happen” 
After the call of the condor i went to Brazil and spent some moons studying and following the codes while living on a hamack on the beach until i started travelling back when i felt the necessity of getting to a 13:20 community. I stepped in Curitiba where i find back Marcos Mandala 10 Mirror who i met on the kin 208 Yellow Cosmic Star in Peru when he was dissapointed for what he found after days of riding a bicycle from Brasil to Peru and find that people recieving him where not even aware of the kin of that day and he was summited to cook for himself because the hosting team had decided that for people arriving from that day on until the beggining of the event on Blue Electric Monkey.
Marcos teached me Telektonon on a Red Ressonant Serpent (7:5) of a Ressonant Moon (7:7) and six days later i understood i had to travel back to Buenos Aires and share some of my experience. I got back to Buenos Aires on Alfa 5 Galactic Moon, White Electric Wizard on the White Wizard Year.
I met Barbara Yellow Lunar Sun on a Yellow Selfexisting Star and four days later on Yellow Galactic Human (coding this crystal moon) we had some telepathic cosmic exploration wich derived in a message for us to invite to a performance of mirrors on the main city of every place, just with mirrors and no other messages, leaders, or flags.
The next day 13.9 Red Solar Skywalker, i was visiting an old marroqui friend Nordin 7 Sun at his Blues Bar and i was stunned when i saw the writing on the wall:

I asked what it meant and he said that on that day he felt as if he changed galaxy. Wow!
I was wondering if i really should send that invitation worldwide, just as i am thinking now if i am really going to send this hole story to the global hub and i was confirmed by a misterious aparition of a Yellow Galactic Sun, a Blue Cristal Monkey and a White Electric Wizard all three at the same time while i was uncoding kin at a party on the day kin 117 Red Cosmic Earth.
I found that a White Planetary Mirror was a right kin to display this Manifestation of Mirrors and it was just somedays after i sent this message to all PAN nodes and kin around the world when i was checkin for any response, that i found that the date was going to be on Gamma 17 Crystal Moon, the celebration of the 52nd aniversary of Pakal Votans Tomb´s opening and that there would be a celebration on Palenke on that day.
Even when the Planet Art Network didn´t answer to a call of a nobody´s voice, i knew that this would happen and that´s why i delivered a message to Votan and he replied that he would be supporting but that since that it was my vision, it would be good that i take it foward, and so i am doing until today. And this is because the power number of seven kin got reunited in the Central Square of Manifestation in Plaza de Mayo, Buenos Aires, right while many other kin where gathering at Palenque for a tomb´s opening celebration with Valum that we polarized the power from a small to a big, just as a vortex of a tetrahedron gets polarized in its triangle base.
After this experience, i stayed about two years studying and activating with several kin in Buenos Aires, attended the last two days of a seminar in Cordoba, brought with some kin the Law of Time to a Raimbow Gathering and opened a permanent workshop on a Cultural Center again in Buenos Aires. On the end of the last year we got to reunite withe some PAN nodes and organize a beautiful seminar in the city of La Plata and Day Out of Time in the cultural center and a party in a discotheque. On the Lunar and Electric Moon we tried a galactic house in the middle of the city wich resulted in a nice experience but could not last longer because the house was to full of urban kin and the housekeeper Daniela Blue Solar Eagle was about to bring a new soul to this world, who was born on Blue Magnetic Storm.
Tired from living on the city i asked my friend Nordin some work in the Blues Bar, but it resulted too exhausting because i had no night sleeping attending drunks and soberbs, and so i felt im no fit anymore for this type of living so i decided to leave the city in the search of a return to a natural lifestyle. I met Guadalupe 10 Worldbridger and on Rithmic Moon, Gamma 24, she bridged me to the North of Argentina where i spent the summer selling gregorian artistic agendas “of the forest” along with 13:20 synchronaries as galactic gifts, and some collars i made and some paints of kin along with musical instruments.

After the carnival in Humauaca, Jujuy i arrived here in Paraguay on Kali 4 Solar Moon Blue Rithmic Monkey, (33rd week, codon 33 stage 7) to this small birthing community first opened by Vipassana meditators who were inviting people to stay and experience life simple with an horizontal managment with no leaders or organizers. 
 All the power was put into the circle and after the Planetary Moon when we held a Contact Improvisation dance festival, the energys catalyzing inside the circle were so strong but the vision could hardly get unified. I was keeping a wall with all the synchronic update daily and tried to explain once and again the benefits of being organized by the Law of Time but this was not enough for there was other visions fighting for giving the community a direction, and so the community broke up for lack of unification and integrity of vision. Even if the work was being done really properly according to the nature and time of every people involved, the participants couldn't get to agree in the Free Will subjects on topic about drugs, food, and work service, so at the end, the choice was to leave the place in it's peace and every one of us left looking for a place more fit to each every one needs. 
Fortunately i had the opportunity to re-read the Cosmic History Chronichles up to the 10th chapter as i met some kin in Asuncion, meditated daily, fasted, and remembered the sacred way for a while, while i prepare myself for the next evolution. 
Now in Asuncion i was about to leave back to Buenos Aires but i find that there are some kin that got inspired by some 13:20 workshops we had and are wishing to organize the Day Out of Time here in the city with a couple of concerts or so. What happened to me here was very enriching also because on the day Gamma 10 Crystal Moon Red Overtone Dragon, i got to pacify my relationship with the community openers and with the place itself, when i realized that i was on my day 91(13x7) in Paraguay, and this event opened me to a wider perception of synchronic order when i found that there would be also 91 days starting on kin 177 Red Galactic Earth when i´m celebrating 41 (Templo de la Alegria) Tzolkin cycles and getting to Gamma 3 Electric Moon, kin 7 Blue Ressonant Hand, when i'll make 260 kin from the day i left Buenos Aires and so i thought, “I really must go to the Biosferic Congress!!....but i have no money, so what i do, maybe i go back to BsAs, maybe i dont well i dont know what to do, so i'll stay in my here and now while decission is made.” all of this happening on the week of codon 43 “The Decission”, the very same of the beggining of the congress, wich applies also to the decission of “Am i really going to send such a long report?”, well, it surprised me that i get messagges on the internet askin to raise money for the fundation, and wonder that well, maybe my experience is the experience of the whole PAN, and everybody is “out there” wondering how to raise some money to get the peace plan foward.
When you ask about money issue some kin say “well, when i need money i just ask it to the universe and there i get it” or “well, just ask help to the Maya” or on the other hand you find people like deluded saying like “oh well, this is wonderfoul but i still have to work and get the money to sustain my family”  and there they are with clock in hand and unhappy faces so, ¿How do we focus about money issue?
I am fortunate to have been able to read a copy of the Cosmic History Cronichles but i know many people who hadn´t had the chance and it was even possible for us to download it from the internet, but now they have taken this possibility out. Now the Vol.1 is sold out so why dont we put it back on the web so we all can read it?  
At the same time when this meditation is going on, i have met kin here in Asuncion who had to bring a familiar into a hospital and got a big big debt. They started to call anyone until the last person they knew on Earth, and they really got a lot of money. Emergency makes the money flow because when you are in emergency you do exhaust all the possibilities so, as i'm writing so much these days, here's what i'll share with you as simple and pure thought, just to let it enter into your belief system and see what happens if we all do it at the same time.
Here we go:

Money, Magick and The Law of Time

¿Can we all focus on “Let´s get the money”?
Emergency flows the money.
Activate the release program of all ego.
Search the codes. GET $ MONEY.
Spiritual attraction of money in a magical global telepathic agreement of aware ceremonial materializing.
I'll play this game.
I'm ready to recieve lot's of money in a magical unpredicted flow.
Im ready to recieve a lot of money in a magical unexpected spiritual enriching way.
Because i am the creator, i am selfcreated and this is my creation for this moment.
I am calm and easy because a big wave of abbundance will arrive and i'll just can smile and greet and act.
I just have to concentrate on the here and now and act on the very elegance of time.
Sealed kin 174 White Overtone Wizard.

And for completing this report, an extract of a Cosmic chronic i just started to write:

“De regreso a Tulan la lejana” (“Back to Far Tollan”)

“¿Who's there? ¿Who can say “my mind” without it being an expression originated in the mind? ¿Does the mind have a mind? ¿Who can say my soul without it being an expression of the soul itself? ¿Does the soul have a soul?
The form thought “Person” gets dissolved into cosmic conciusness.
Just as when we go to bed and we become our dream.
Now is time to quit the veil and observe the wonderfoul landscape back to Far Tollan.

Cosmic Input : what a moon!

The First Red week is  coded by codon 58, Harmonic 18, Ressonant Process, wich occured during the 33rd week, coded by codon 33 on its 7th stage, wich is Codon  19.
As most of us know, this Cosmic Moon is coded by kin 104 (8x13) Yellow Cosmic Seed, harmonic 26 Cosmic Input, Codon 60 Meassuring: Galactic octave limits space. (i hope my translation is right), wich is also coding the Second White Week.
In the Telektonon of 20 tablets, Cube of the Moon, Wavespell of the Serpent, this Cosmic Moon is coded by kin 117 (9x13) Red Cosmic Earth, harmonic 30 Electric Matrix, again Codon 19 The aspiration of the wizard: The way of welding power gives shape to space, wich is also coding the Third Blue week. This Third Blue week is filled with the seven lost generations. In Telektonon of 7:7::7:7 the Third Blue week is dedicated to the Mistery of the Stone and if my cards are right, this is the only week where the 7 lost generations don´t show up even if they're being waken up year by year through the mistery of the stone.
Four of the seven lost generations coded from the Psi Bank during the Planetary Moon from Silio 14 to Gamma 17, the Harmonic 28 Galactic Process, wich codes the Cosmic Moon portals White Rithmic Dog and Blue Ressonant Monkey, and is coded by Codon 41, wich happens to complete it's wavespell on the Fourth Yellow week. During this Fourth Yellow week then, the Wizard Count and Telektonon 7:7::7:7 will open a 1 kin ressonance from the Mystic Moon of the Red Rythmic Dragon all through the Day out of Time kin 208 Yellow Cosmic Star, when we will be radiating our peace flags, in a telepathic alling to UFO's and Rocknroll stars.

Let's get out time back!!!!!  
Let's remember Cosmic Elegance!!!
Let's incarnate the Galactic Human !!!!

Written in response to a request of the creator agent,
In love and devotional service.

In Lake'ch
Adrian. Paidada.
177 Red Galactic Earth

sarva mangalam
May all beings be well and happy

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