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PAN Sangit 13:20 - Switzerland - Sun Bioregion - Lunar Moon Report

Yellow Cosmic Seed Ring
Electric Seli 2
Kin 161 - Red Overtone Dragon

Galactic greetings brothers!

Alpha 26 - Silio 27, Red Magnetic Earth, White Lunar Mirror:
About 16 Kin from Germany and Switzerland had their regular Castle Meeting. Sharing of the 13:20 knowledge, practice of self-cultivation and preparation of future PAN activities were on the agenda.

- A task force was created to facilitate the translation of the Cosmic History Chronicles into German:
Martin 4 Dog
Dieter 3 Warrior
Lucretia 13 Dog
Rob 11 Eagle
The translating time window was set to Electric Overtone Moon.

- The group has decided on a common writing standard for the New Time: Year, Moon, (Plasma), Day, Kin.
Yellow Cosmic Seed Year/Ring
Lunar Limi 27
Kin 158, White Lunar Mirror
In numerical code: 1304.02.27

Attached is a proposal for one possibility of putting the date on the webpages planetartnetwork.info and wavespell.net. No words, only symbols.
Please share your feedback/ideas.

- The next Castle Meeting date was set to Self-Existing Alpha.26 - Limi 27, Red Overtone Skywalker - White Rhythmic Wizard.

Lunar Limi 27 Silio 28, White Lunar Mirror Blue Electric Storm:
Meeting with Daniel, Planetary Dragon, who is managing on behalf of the FLT the establishment of the 13 Centers for the Restitution, Investigation and Education of the Natural Mind. Topic of the meeting was the establishment of a physical base suitable for the coordination of this project. A 13:20 community experiment for the testing of the location and the crew was seeded to happen during the Warrior Wavespell, 4.9 - 21.

Next activities:
- Launch party of PAN Sol Solothurn, Switzerland on Electric Kali 4, Blue Resonant Night
- Galactivation in Solothurn on Electric Alpha 5, Yellow Galactic Seed.

Happy Electric Moon of Service

In Lakech
Rob 11 Men
PAN Sangit 13:20

Der 13-Monde-Kalender ist der neue Zeitstandard
fr die Zeit des Friedens auf Erden !
The 13 Moon Calendar is the new timing standard
for the Time of Peace on Earth !  
13 x 28 + 1 = 365

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