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PAN UR - Amsterdam Area - Holland - Sun Bioregion - Electric Moon Report

Not unimportant was the removal of this little piece of glass, actually mirror, from the dragon finger of myself. The first time in lets say six years I can experience the full freedom of my index finger, which is good for a musician.
Since the last moon report some gigs occurred of which I am going to tell ya now.
On day 26 of the lunar moon, yes indeed on our beloved Red Lightening Child Great Emptiness third eye, the Red Magnetic Earth, The hiphop crew form Zaans Schrikbewind Played the capital, Amsterdam. The new tracks were well received Time is money, but not all the Time, Alienated Worldview, Timeless Flows and the Rocker.
Some week later, on electric kali 4, blue resonant night, yet a more extensive performance was given by the hip hop crew, now to include a Spectacular Demolition of the Clock during the number Time is money but not all the Time. This symbolic nullification of the mechanical clock was understood and very much appreciated by the audience. To be continued.

The experiments of Velatropa the band also continued with great speed. Some of the tunes recorded in this electric sense hand deer moon will be made available on cd probably somewhere in the self-existing moon. Some band members had fruitful meetings with like minded people that would like to contribute to the experiment with dance and film.

On day 11 and 12 of this Electric Moon (White Magnetic Dog and Blue Lunar Monkey) one was invited to the opening of a Time is Art Gallery in Amsterdam Rapenburgerstraat 159, Amsterdam.
This gallery facilitates artists to expose their work to the public. This could be a painting or a poem, a song or a dance. Also the Time is art Gallery houses the possibility to give workshops, meditation sessions, crystal meetings and so on.

On day 13, Yellow Electric Human, KIN 1 presented the Law of Time to an audience of some 60 people in theater de Chameleon. It was a collaboration with the foundation Solidaridad, an organization that helps the people in Guatemala to survive globalization. This wonderful and well received afternoon was magically accompanied by an amazing flute player from Guatemala whose main interest was baroc music. So the result was he played some beautiful songs to Tonanzin, and the Jaguar, based on native musical motives mixed with classical European seventeenth century vamps. I think Ill ask this guy to play some tunes with Velatropa. After we closed the formal part of these presentations we were happy to see we both, PAN an Solidaridad, had good results. From this afternoon some more workshops and presentations were agreed upon, which will occur in the self-existing and overtone moons.

On the lovers reunion of this Electric Moon, Seli 23 White Cosmic Wind, the first seven day training in Holland began. This seven day training given by PAN UR Cecilia 4 seed and Mike 1 Dragon is based upon the Earth Wizard Seminars given by Votan. This means the first day is related to cyclical time and the 13 moon calendar. The second day to  the radial order of time and Dreamspell. The third to the relationship between time and prophecy and Telektonon. The fourth to Time, the Biosphere and the Rinri Project. The fifth to the genetic order of time and the 20 Tablets of the Law of Time. The sixth to the perceptual order of time and the 7:7::7:7. And the final day is related to UR and the Earth Wizardry of the Rainbow Bridge. On electric Seli 23 also occurs the
celebration of the arrival of Columbus in the Americas, so there was a deep appreciation of this move in time to restore the original knowledge of the Americas in the planetary human, a knowledge that was lost with the arrival of the so called civilization represented by Columbus in the land of the people of the dawn.
This seven day training will continue till its climax on every Seli from this date onwards.

Agenda for coming moon:

Every Seli of the Self-Existing Moon, in Amsterdam, the Earth Wizard training by PAN UR. The program has already started, but for more information about workshops or trainings: hunimix@gmail.com

On day 7 of this fourth moon (four is to seven) we will celebrate the White Crystal Wizard with a crystal meeting in the Time is Art Gallery in Amsterdam. There will be performances of many kind, including presentation of the law of Time, dance, poetry, Velatropa etc. Here will be some materials be made available like pocket calendars etc. For info: hunimix@gmail.com or 06 4500 4313 (Cecilia).

On Self-Existing 20, blue crystal hand, there will be a workshop or rather a timeshare given by kin 1 in Amsterdam. The special topic of that meeting will be the possibility to time travel to 2012 and beyond.

Velatropa bookings or recordings: hunimix@gmail.com
UR contacts area Amsterdam: hunimix@gmail.com or selfxseed@yahoo.com

PAN UR hunimix@gmail.com Mike Floris - Red Magnetic Dragon

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