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PAN URHolland - Sun Bioregion - Electric Moon Report

Red Crystal Dragon
Dali 22 - Electric Deer Moon of Service

We live in the crystal tone of the Dog Wavespell en we start today the crystal heptad of the permutation of Hexagram 17 Arousing Joy, Time evolves Way of Wielding Power. And also this heptad we permutate Haxagram 25 Synchronicity, Time concentrates Cosmic Awareness. This will be the Master Codon of the second quarter of the ring of Cosmic Awareness. We really have a roundtable of 7 days to help us concentrate Cosmic Awareness by becoming conscious of Synchronicity. We have to cooperate in Arousing Joy as the ground for our conduct to open The Way of Wielding Power. 

In the blue heptad the blue solar monkey was called to do a radio interview about the road to 2012. This was on day 17 Yellow Resonant Warrior the same Kin as the Psi Chrono Unit the day PAN UR was established. The Psi Chrono Unit of day 17 of this moon is the Yellow Solar Star, the supporting power of the Blue Solar Monkey. The interactive interview was for one hour and was about the road to 2012. Everything is arranged in synchronic order.

Very slow we get into action again. After a busy summer and a visit from Votan and the Red Queen we had to dissolve in a Great Emptiness. Kin 255 is recovering from her hospital visit. She is doing fine she is more beautiful, strong and cheerful than ever. Kin 1 is going strong in the sonic world. His band Velatropa is having regular performances and the music is evolving trough all sorts of soundscapes. Kin 191 was with his old man sailing for nine days. To bring the winds together with the movement of the water and navigate on the balance between those two. When you do this for a quarter of a day you become so empty you are satisfied only by realizing you are aware.

There where several working groups and little workshops and lectures last month.
Next month we also have different groups to visit. In Amsterdam Kin 4 is facilitating a seven days Earth wizard intensive divided over 7 weeks. Kin 1 has some performances and is doing a lecture. Kin 191 has got a Thirteen Moon/Dreamspell playday. Kin 191 and 255 are also doing the workshops in Belgium on the Ritten. Next report we will tell about what things we do over there.

Kali 4/ Alfa 5 - We are present at Juno Reactor party in Gent Belgium
Seli 9 - Meeting with webmaster - www.verbodennieuws.nl
Alpha 12 - 13 Moon/Dreamspell playday in Boekeloo Netherlands
Alpha 19/Limi 20 - Open weekend at the Ritten Belgium
Kali 25 Till Limi 27 - Maria Magdalena Fire Flame weekend in Belgium

Besides this we have plans. Plans to extend the work we do.
We have pre-ordered 100 Mystery of the Stone Kits by the foundation for the Law of Time.
We really like to go to London and the Kin of Pan UK to facilitate the second Earth Wizards intensive. We already talked but made no decision. We also have talked with 4 Serpent from Italy about a collective PAN event in Italy. With these events we can collect some money for the world pan website and for the pan world meeting.

And there is off course the vision counsel. This year we envision Luxembourg to be involved.  The three little bioregion in the North West of the SUN, Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg.
And the organisation of a low budget nine day event with the seven leafs of the Law of Time extended with the mystery of the stone.
And a seven day event in Belgium in cooperation with the Belgium Pans.

We have a lot of plans to be in service of the Law of Time. Next moon we have to find a form to get it all done.

Hope to get response for the European events (London and Italy).

In service for PAN World
The Kin of Pan UR

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