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PAN London - UK - Sun Bioregion - Electric Moon Report

Transmission date:
1304.04.01 - Dali - Yellow Rhythmic Star

Greetings Galactic KIN,

One day later here is my Moonly Report for PAN London and Wavespell.net Team. The Electric Moon of service was a quite busy one for me on the Cybersphere front as I was working close to the PAN Avalon Team and the London base Cyber-KINs to delivery a Beta version of the new Wavespell.net and the PlanetArtNetwork.info - Global Hub web portals.

Mission accomplished for the Phase I of the project:
- On the Blue Week of Transformation we managed to put the new Wavespell.net (under the provisional URL www.wavespell.info) as a Beta version online. The main structure, new look and navigation system is into place now. Now we are working on the visual aspect, images and main page content, Mark 8Wind from PAN Avalon is setting up an editorial team to help with this task. Wavespell.net will have also a 13:20 eShop with 13 Moon educational materials and calendars. An electronic newsletter called Galactic Communicator that also will be plugged to the PlanetArtNetwork.info portal is under development together with a main database for the Book of KIN.

- Finally on the Yellow Week of Ripening the PlanetArtNetwork.info also a Beta version, went online for tests. As I described in my last report, this web-portal was designed to be a Global Hub feedback mechanism for each of the PAN bioregions. As the Wavespell.net, the content on the website at the moment are provisional as there are lots of work ahead to make it fully functional.

Now as we are almost half way through the Blue Night Wavespell of Abundance I, on behalf of the Wavespell.net Team would like to emphasize that we still need help and funds to keep producing those tools for the PAN Movement and that we need to balance and share energy time=art as there are lots to be done!

Other PAN London activities that happened on Electric Moon:
- We had a day long interactive playshop called The Creative Power of the 13 Moons on  Limi 3.6 - Red Solar Serpent at PAN Unity Works SE London. 12 people were present and the workshop was facilitated by Mark 8Wind and Daphne 8Hand from PAN Avalon. All the funds went towards the PAN web-projects.

- Also at PAN Unity Works on Kali 3.11 White Magnetic Dog we saw the return for a new season of God and Goddesses with a rainbow spectrum galactic performance by galactic KINs.

- On Kali 3.18 Red Galactic Earth we had a small PAN representation at The Synergy Project SeOne Club London. Hopefully next time around we will have a PAN stall back at the event.

And last I would like to inform that from Gamma 10 Red Lunar Earth of Self-Existing Moon to Seli 2 Red Solar Earth of Overtone Moon, I will be away in Switzerland where I will be connecting with KINs from the Bern and Solothurn area - home of PAN-Sol. Once there I will be engaging in a series of projects with Daniel KIN 101 ref. the Noosphere II Project (also known as CREST). I will send a full update on my report for the Self-Existing Moon.

In Lakech!
On the Zuvuya flow with LOVE,

Frank - CrystalEagle
PAN London - www.wavespell.net
Sun Bioregion - British Island sector
End of transmission

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