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PAN Colombia - Self-Existing Moon
First National Court of Kin

"The Path of the Warrior"
Kali 18 to Silio 21, Self-Existing Moon

Is very pleasing for us to be able to communicate that First Nacional Court of Kin could be carried out and to carry out without objections.

The planning and study for the Crystal Court began four moons before and his execution was implemented after the Day Out of Time. The first part of the planning consisted of proposing the execution of the Court in one of the meetings Quetzalcoatl Node.The proposal was evaluated, improved, and studied by the group. The project was walking.

Study consisted in detailed reading and analysis of the document of the World Summit of Peace in Costa Rica in 1999. From there doubts they arose, anxieties and ideas that were clarified and taken into account during the process.

No longer it remained more than opening the inscriptions and to expect. From here began the court success, thanks to support of the Winds, the Lunar World-bridger (Maria Victoria), and the Self-existing Dog, the inscriptions were filled quickly. According to has been said is the first time, in a 13 moon event in this zone of Human Bioregion that we call Colombia, that the quotas of inscription are filled before the event began. With that happiness the Quetzalcoatl Node left toward the place of the encounter.

Two of kins, Resonant Warrior (Dario) and Crystal Sun (Juan), left in Gamma 17 during third watch and they were carried by the synchronicity to Filandia (the place of the encounter), since there was not sufficient money in its pockets. Them were the first to came to place. This show us again that if you want to go to some event and you do not have money, it is not important (like Spectral Sun says) money never wont a reason to stop doing something that really you want.

We were informed that cabins are been distributed by regions. From there began work without rest. We decided re-organise cabins to separate groups and all the kin remain mixed. It was prepared, then, a bag with the numbers pertaining to each cabin and it was asked them to the kines that arrived that they removed a number, that would be its cabin assigned for the event. The idea that had presented that all we are equals began to give result.
While this occurs Lunar World-Bridger came with some banners that had drawn the seals in great size and that decked the place of the meetings, a maloca, during all the event. They continued arriving more people and the place already became festive.

For the next day, Spectral World-bridger, we already had activities planed, the opening of event it would be carried out to half a day so in the morning him was given space to Solar Star (Rodrigo Alarcon) so that gave one of its chats. The official opening of event was started by Overtone Sun (Mauricio) with a sanation meditation between own master and the master of someone that we have any problem or missunderstood; then a didactic exercise was done that consisted of moving the joints while related to the ttems of each one; here the kines entertained a lot and they removed its interior boy to be become each animal that related to each joint. Of this activity the anecdote to recall was that to arrive to tone of the Planetary Dog, the kines began mostly to howl obtaining answer of its howls since the forests close to the maloca, it was a matter of some howler monkeys that answered the call of the court; that afternoon was closed with dances directed by Rythmic Wind (Victor). At the fourth watch a sound circle was done, and later the majority of kines they went to sleep.

At next day, Blue Cristal Hand, we get up very early and we knew that Solar Star was inside of maloca living one of his chats. That caused delayed us all the programming of the day since was yielded him the complete space of the second watch. Thus we communicate itself it he himself and in spite of to have done asked a voting to continue. Assistants decided that they wanted to continue with conference. Thus it was done.

In afternoon we began to work, just after lunch. First an activity of dance was done and songs, while the kines returned to the maloca; subsequently the activities listened itself that carried out the presents and then a brief explanation of what was given is the Planet Art Network, what is a crystal court and what is the consensus. Finishing this brief presentations all kin from Quetzalcoatl Node they exposed a commission each one. Solar Wind (Juan Manuel), Time; Self-existing Hand (Andres) and Solar Sun (Yulieth), Wealth; Magnetic Wizard (Alejandra), Peace; Spectral Sun (David), Spirituality; Spectral Dog (Eduardo), Education; Resonant Warrior (Dario), Biosphere and Rythmic Wind, Arts and Culture.

Once finished this explanation, the discussion was centered in how is going to function this proposal, every kin said his opinion, and the enviroment felt tense; so one Spectral Sun kin (Lina Duque), she proposed a playful and relaxing activity after which they met the commissions to do proposals and to begin to work. On explanation about comissions had been said them that if it did not they feel they could be set apart of the commissions or to present a new one. Thus, the commission of synthesis was created that focused its work in the communities 13:20 and ecovillages.

To finish this productive afternoon had been said them to groups that they choose only one of proposals to explain in general meeting.

Peace Comission fused with Spirituality and they propose a Project call Violet Peace and it consists in activate a violet pyramid above Colombia so that any of the assistants (or readers) can be join to her during his/her own meditation.

Education Commission fused with Time and there was proponed to realice all materials that every commission needs to development of theirs activities, also was presented the proposal for the Network works with a rotative leadership and that leadership would be defined for projects. Another of ideas presented was to realize a seminar with different instructors and each one with different vision about teaching and law of time, to create an complete universe of learning.

Biosphere Commission proposed, initially, to collect healthy seeds to sow them and also to carry out an exchange of seeds among the different regions.

Arts and Culture had many ideas. The one that more echoed was that of doing a traveling cultural festival once a month in a different city each time. Another, was the creation of a caravan or a circus; there someone recalled that this proposal already exists and that only they should unite to begin to work.

Wealth Commission proponed a manual to change the material concept of wealth and money. They read some points of the manual that they think to do.

Synthesis Commission counted all the themes that treated and, specifically, how to maintain a 13:20 community, with its different topics: energy, water, processing of residues, cultivations, etc.

We finished this part and we went to dinner.

Feathers crown delivery ceremony

To come back of the dinner a special ceremony was prepared, that besides was surprise. The ceremony consisted of delivering him a crown of feathers to Rhythmic Wind, a very loved kin by everyone that has earned itself its feathers with dances, with its work of teaching and with its warmest.

The precinct began to prepare and all kins dressed its better attires. Was an open secret. The excuse was to carry out a celebration for the kines that had completed solar years did little (during Warrior Wavespell). Thus, we could distract to Rhythmic Wind with the aid of Cosmic Wind and Solar Wind. The truth all the assistants plotted for it.

To enter al place Rhythmic Wind saw a road of women with candles and attires. He arrived to the center and thus closed a circle around him, while various men touched drums and bells. Others one made a circle around womans circle. The responsible for delivering the crown to Rhythmic Wind was Dog Autoexistente who read some emotional words with the ones that all we touch us. The most it surprised one and touched was Victor who declaring tears of emotion invited to the circles to dance. The elation and happiness invaded us and we begin to do canticles and to dance.

After a while to dance the celebration of the kines was done that had completed years. The night then was filled of more laughters and more hugs. We continue sharing a while with some kines that remained touching tambora and singing. Rhythmic wind said good-bye very happy to the other day.

In the dawn of the day Cosmic Star a Magnetic Moon (Jose Miguel) shared us a mini session of automassage. In her all we laugh, we play and we share, taking advantage of the first rays in the morning. Later we went to have breakfast and to finish the group attended the final chat of Solar Star. Once it finished, Rhythmic Wind directed the activity that consisted of speaking on the Day out of the Time, new proposals on it and to unify the festivals in the different cities, as well as to work together for that day; later, a brief intervention was carried out to jump to the conclusions of the event and proceeded to do the ceremony of closing.

The conclusions threw a positive balance and the majority of kines expressed the happiness by being there, and with a lot of joy they want that the experience be repeated. Some kins very timidly proposed to carry out the following court in their region. We will have to have a little patience to see where is carried out the next one.

The ceremony of closing consisted of dancing with the eyes closed and in grazing to another kin without looking at, to recognize us and to share. It was a very pretty experience to be able to share with all the kines and to feel them so nearby and even to recognize kins with who you have shared enough time. To finalize began the agitate of the farewells.

This encounter leaves us the teaching that we should work in ourselves, to continue doing it to achieve a true change. The change that want in the world. It is certain that we are the seed of the future, but the seeds should be clean and healthy so that they grow full fruits of love that include in its genetic structure the peace and the harmony as a demonstration that is possible to work in unit for common good; to recall that we are part of the new civilization. Ourselves recall that we live in a time of change and we have the will and the power to do it. As always, to begin is the most important step. We believe that the Quetzalcoatl Node has given the first step to achieve the unit in Colombia, we do not leave that be the last one neither that we be the unique.Many thanks to all the assistants by being given the opportunity so that all we continue growing inwardly, this new idea begins to function with and by you.

A Quetzalcoatl Report

Overtone Sun, Solar Sun, Spectral Dog, Spectral Sun, Resonant Warrior, Magnetic Wizard, Self-existing Hand, Galactic Sun, Rhythmic Earth and Solar Wind.

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