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PAN Italy - Sun Bioregion - Overtone Moon Report

In Lakech everybody!

It is with great pleasure that the Rete dArte Planetaria, Italian node of Planet Art Network, submits its activity report.

Seminaries on the 13 Moon Calendar and the Dreamspell are being kept regularly by PAN Italia facilitators, mainly Giovanna Human 2 and Antonio Serpent 4, in different parts of the country. This permits the diffusion of the calendar change information, and helps gather funds to pay the printing of 7.000 sinchronaries.

The italian version of the 13 Moon Sinchronary is being distributed through PAN Nodes all over the peninsula, and the payments to the printer have totalled 6.000 Euro, with only 3.200 Euro still to be paid. Before Christmas one more payment of 2.000 Euro will be done, so that the new gregorian year will start with a small figure on the debts column which is good! We normally need to get to the eight moon to repay our debt to the printer, but this year we will possibly manage to do it earlier than usual which is a good sign!

We like to thank our main contributors, kins who succeed in distributing many copies of the synchronary and gather funds: Giovanna Human 2 (Forl), Virginia Warrior 7 (Rome), the swiss italian kins (Angelo, Aurelio, Sabrina, Lorenzo, etc), Zoe Dog 6 (Milan), Alessandra Earth 7 (Vicenza), Gloria Eagle 7 (Florence), Maria Assunta Eagle 9 (Leuca), Stefano Dragon 11 (Rome), Amedeo Mirror 1 (Rovigo), Fiorella Skywalker 2 (Rome), etc.

We also like to thank Enrico Serpent 1 from Bologna, who recently purchased two of Votans artwork The Doors of Perception, helping the funding of the Foundation.

A special mention is also deserved by Paola Eagle 3 who, besides being very active as a PAN Translator, is working hard to foster a joining of forces by the Aurasoma movement and the 13 Moons movement. She already succeeded in including basic info on the 13 Moon Dreamspell calendar within the program of teaching of Aurasoma.

The italian website ( www.13lune.it ) is currently under renovation, thanks to the efforts of Giorgia Crystal Moon, web designer, based in Ravenna.

PAN Translators are working hard to complete the task of putting into italian the 13:20 literature. The main efforts actually undertaken are the italian version of the first volume of the Cosmic History Chronichles (due to be published next spring) and the italian version of Earth Ascending (next summer). PAN Italy has already published the italian versions of The Mayan Factor, Dreamspell, 13 Moons in Motion, The Rinri Project, the 260 Postulates.

PAN Italia also translates and regularly spreads via email the texts written by the President of the Foundation for the Law of Time, especially the Rinri Project Newsletter. Our mailig list counts about 250 addresses.

Art and creativity works inspired by the Galactic Culture are on the increase in many fields: Zoe Dog 7 and Simona Night 9 are doing wonders with their textile works inspired by 13:20 icons. Shirts, turtles, cushions, all with the Hunab Ku or the mandala of Pacal Votan are beautiful and very much sought after. They called their joint venture Arte nelle Mani (Art in the Hands). 

Contacts with the embryonic form of PAN Alps - the joining of forces of all PAN Nodes around the Alps which should result in an official PAN Alps Meeting early next gregorian are on their way, with PAN Italia coordinator Antonio travelling to Switzerland in the last moon to meet representatives of PAN CH, PAN Holland, german-speaking PAN representatives, etc.

Also, meetings to discuss the progress of the CREST (Centers for the Restitution of the Natural Mind) project have been held in Lugano and Milan recently, with the participation of italian representatives.

In the near future, we are looking forward to invite kins from Holland and Great Britain to hold seminars on advanced issues, such as the 20 Tablets of the Law of Time, the 7:7::7:7 and the Mistery of the Stone.

Next PAN Italia Council is scheduled to happen Alfa 26 and Limi 27 of Rhythmic Moon, with representatives of 10 PAN Nodes being invited, to discuss the next developments of PAN especially PAN Alps, CREST, and the preparations for the next Day Out of Time Festivals all over the peninsula. Last year there were 10 events in Italy.

It was to our great surprise and excitement that we were informed that an italian actor, Maurizio Ferrini, who took part to the recent edition of a reality survivor type show named Lisola dei Famosi (the island of the famous), broadcasted by the national TV Rai 2, named the 13 Moon calendar while on air, mentioning the glyph of the day for a few consecutive days reaching milions of italians, many more than weve ever managed to reach with our seminars and activities... Thanks Maurizio!

Unconditional Love to everybody

Compiled on behalf of PAN Italia
By Antonio Serpent 4 – coordinator

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