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PAN Switzerland - Sun Bioregion - Overtone Moon Report

Overtone Kali 18, Red Crystal Skywalker

Inauguration of PAN Bern:
A new PAN node in the capital of Switzerland has been established by 5 Kin, 3 local and 2 of supporting PAN nodes from Switzerland. Also the first Crystal Court of the Kin convened by this node was held with some exchange of
ideas about PAN and studying of the Law of Time. Mutual exchange and support of the different Swiss PAN nodes as well as common events have been envisioned.

Overtone Alpha 19, White Cosmic Wizard

Time is Art Vernissage in Solothurn:
About 20 Kin have come to the exhibition of the paintings of Urs Electric Wizard, the first of its kind in Solothurn. The artist was showing his creative expressions of the 20 Solar Seals and some of the Wavespells. Following the artists introductory speech and autobiography was a presentation of the Law of Time and Calendar Change given by Rob Spectral Eagle.

Overtone Limi 20, Blue Magnetic Eagle

13:20 Workshop:
In the venue of the Vernissage a whole day introduction to the Law of Time and the 13 Moon Calendar was given by Rob Spectral Eagle to 9 Kin who became interested by the presentation of the previous day. It was a very interactive workshop with a lot of joy and delicious Chai (Indian tea) made by Urs Electric Wizard.

Overtone Kali 25 Alpha 26, Yellow Rhythmic Sun Red Resonant Dragon

Meeting of the German and Italian speaking PAN of Switzerland:
Object of this meeting, where 13 Kin (2 from PAN Bern and 11 from PAN Ticino) were present, was to establish a deeper relationship between the Swiss PAN nodes and also to inform about the latest developments in the Planetary
Engineering Project (CREST). Claudio Galactic Dragon, one of the Kin of PAN Ticino and the host of this meeting, is the owner of the land in Alto Paraiso, Brazil, where the Pilot CREST will be established. The next steps in the development of this Pilot Project were discussed between Claudio Galactic Dragon and Daniel Planetary Dragon, project manager on behalf of FLT.
The meeting was quite inspiring for both groups with a great feeling of unity.
Further meetings and intercultural PAN exchanges have been envisioned.

Thanks to Claudio and his family for the openhearted hospitality.

In Lakech

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