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PAN Svet Sun bioregion Moscow - Russia

Yellow Cosmic Seed Year
Rhythmic Moon of Equality

Greetings of Universal Peace to all brothers and sisters of the Planet Art Network! This message goes from Russian part of the Sun bioregion, covered with snow and ice by Russian winter. With great joy we report on the events of the Rhythmic Moon of Equality.

Day 3, Gamma, kin 246 Crystal World-Bridger
A Ceremony of the full moon in Sagittarius was done in Moscow in our Patterns of the Mother of the World program. 35 persons participated in a ceremony of manifesting the energy of Solar Angel who came to Earth from the Father-Sun. This day of the full moon in Sagittarius coincided precisely with Solar Angel energy arriving to Earth in the plasma body. Sent by Sun on kin 244, it was this day of full moon that his plasma energy arrived to Earth. The task of our group (together with six other groups on the Planet) was to prepare the Cup of Seven Rays in Moscow, heart of Russia the country of Aquarius, in order to welcome the plasma body of Solar Angel, because the Angel came to the manifested spheres of the Earth causing the energy of response from all seven Ashrams of the Hierarchy of Light. During the ceremony a seven-ray radial-spherical structure was built. Through the center of Cup created by 35 participants 5 for each of the 7 rays, the vibration of the plasma body of Solar Angel was received and by use of ceremonial magic transmitted to ether spheres of the Earth.

Day 4, Kali, Blue Cosmic Hand
On the 144th day of year Planetary Kin of Pan Svet gathered for the Cosmic Meeting, instead of previous Crystal day when they participated in the ceremony of the full moon. This meeting proved to be very fruitful. We discussed our schedule of events up to the end of this year of the Yellow Cosmic Seed, and also our publishing schedule. We talked about Clean Baikal ecological action and our upcoming expedition to Altai. We developed and approved our planned events for each moon, and then for the Day Out of Time.

We also decided that during the Altai expedition we will participate in the 3-day Noospheric Congress (Cosmic 28, Day Out of Time, and new years Magnetic 1); on the Day out of Time there will be a festival Celebration of Peace through Culture.

As always we checked our progress with preparing for print the materials of the Altai seminar of Valum Votan and Bolon Ik, and the Earth Ascending book (editing, correcting and graphic Maps).

Day 9, Kin 252 Yellow Overtone Human, 149th day of the year
On this - very special for the whole Planet day, the day of winter solstice and entering the Sagittarius sign, there was a Harmonization Ceremony in Moscow. In our Patterns of the Mother of the World program, at Museum of Tea space gathered more than 50 people. We did attunement by the Calendar of New Time, told about significance of points of solstice and equinox for our Planet, the points especially celebrated by aboriginal peoples of the Earth.

Planetary Kin of PAN Svet played the seven magical singing crystal bowls yet again. Seven sounds, each establishing particular communication channel, hold thoughform and create common field of creative ceremonial work.

The Winter Solstice day this year is kin 252 Yellow Overtone Human, and this is galactic birthday of PAN Svet. So for our group this day became even more significant. We also noted that the joint Solar seal of seven group members who played the bowls, was Blue Electric Eagle, which corresponds to the first day of Harmonic Convergence 16 august 1987; and together with the master of ceremonies (Red Planetary Serpent) kin 260 Yellow Cosmic Seed, closing the Sacred Count of Kin Tzolkin.

We did a special meditation devoted to the Harmonization of out Planet. This meditation is very simple and the same time very beautiful. It can be also practiced by those who do not know the Science of Time yet, but want to share the service to the Planet. Several years ago this meditation was given to us in a ceremonial magic work, and we called it Breathing of the rainbow alternators of the Earth. Each time during our eco-spiritual expeditions to the Planets sacred sites and places of power, we did it in large and small groups.

We formed joint all participants intention and sent our thoughtforms to the Earth noosphere: Love, Truth, Beauty, Faith, Harmony, Peace, Awe at Divine Presence.
Mantram of Unity closed the meditation: One Time One Earth One People!

Day 10, Gamma, kin 253 Rhythmic Skywalker, Magic Turtle Day
There were classes of our school Path of Spiritual Integration. Now with receiving the energy of the Solar Angel it becomes Harmonic Ray of Synchronization school. As always, the work was done in accordance with the attunement to the rhythms of the New Time Calendar.

Day 11, Kali, kin 254 White Resonant Wizard
PAN Svet held a Resonant meeting that started with meditation and attunement, then we were working with translations of the Telektonon Prophecy, discussing edition of the Telektonon Game of Prophecy Instruction Manual. We started to edit translations of the Uinal affirmations, and Religion of Truth Religion of Earth text.

Day 16, Seli, kin 259 Blue Crystal Storm
On Crystal meeting we were preparing for the New Galactic Spin celebration called In Lakech: I am another You. We distributed our responsibilities and tasks related to the upcoming celebration, checked status of the materials, visual aids, music. The group was preparing and looking forward to this event with excitement and joy!

Raduga Romanova Red Planetary Serpent reported about her participation on behalf of PAN Svet and Noospheric Spiritual-Ecological Assembly at The Fourth Vladimir Verandsky Readings.

This conference was held on the day of Blue Galactic Eagle kin 255 in the Palace of Arts in the centre of Minsk, Byelorussia. Byelorussian representation of Noospheric Assembly that organized these Vernadsky Readings presented a Mystery of the Noospheric Constitution of Humanity and amazingly beautiful performance of unity of all religions and spiritual teachings of the world.

The Noospheric Constitution was suggested to the world community by the Noospheric Spiritual-Ecological Assembly in 2002. Today there are more than 20 representations of the Noospheric Assembly in different parts of the world. The Foundation for the Law of Time collaborates with the Noospheric Assembly since 2001.

More than 300 people from various cities of Byelorussia participated in this conference in Minsk that was opened with the Peacemakers hymn, and representatives of many spiritual and ecological organizations and art alliances made speeches.

Raduga spoke about the Law of Time, 13 Moon Calendar, Banner of Peace, Planet Art Network and the Foundation for the Law of Time, about the upcoming Noospheric Congress in Altai. She offered participants to organize in Byelorussia the festival of the Day Out of Time as a Planetary Celebration of Peace through Culture and the Worldwide day of Earthlings.

A wonderful atmosphere of creativity, joy and inspiration prevailed in the hall. Raduga made a present of the New Time Calendars for the Yellow Seed Year to the Byelorussian representation, and also 13 small folding Calendars to the participants of the mystery of unity of all world religions. Raduga lighted up a candle of peace and proposed to read altogether the Prayer to the Seven Galactic Directions, holding the New Time Calendars. This was magnificent and majestic, truly the power of Prophecy was being established!

On the next day, kin 256 Yellow Solar Warrior, the journalist of the Central Byelorussian radio contacted Raduga and asked for an interview about the Planet Art Network, Noospheric Assembly and the New Time Calendar. This 3-hour interview would be transmitted in four programs for Byelorussian radio listeners over the Culture channel.

Day 17 Gamma kin 260 Yellow Cosmic Sun
The last day of the Galactic Spin there were classes of the Path of Spiritual Integration school. The energy of Fire and Divine Presence guided our meditations beyond mountain peaks of Himalaya. The attunement to the rhythms of the New Time Calendar was somewhat particular that day. We were reading aloud corresponding chapters of the Dynamics of Time, the Telektonon Prophecy and pieces from the Living Ethics Teachings: The Call, Illumination and Community, were talking about Sun activity and energy of Solar Angel who came to Earth, about results of our work at Full Moon in Sagittarius, about working with crystals and many other things.

Day 18 Kali kin 1 Red Magnetic Dragon
More than 50 people gathered for the In Lakech: I am another You - celebration of the new Galactic spin. There were many new people who just got to know about the New Time Calendar and came to this event.
We told them about galactic Maya and mysteries of Palenque, about great ruler Pakal Votan, about big and small cycles and prophetic date of winter solstice 2012, about sacred Count of days Tzolkin, about Telektonon prophecy and prophetic games Dreamspell, Telektonon and 7:7::7:7.

All together we created a ceremony of Elements using the sacred Indian Healing Wheel. All people learned their Galactic signatures and met members of their Earth Families, Root Races, Solar Clans, and then presented their creativity and fantasy, each Earth Family presented their Solar Seals by spontaneous play! We were drawing, singing and dancing. There were lots of fun, joy, humor and child play.

Planetary Kin of PAN Svet presented to everyone small folding Calendars for the Yellow Cosmic Seed and invited everyone to take part in upcoming seminars Mayan Factor and Time Science.

Day 19 Alpha kin 2 White Lunar Wind, New Moon.
This day on the eve of Gregorian New Year we used to go to the country or gather at someones place, sometimes at dacha (country house). Escaping the 12:60 frequency, in the very moments when most people in our region are looking at the clock showing midnight, clinking crystal champagne glasses and shouting Happy New Year!, we prefer to find ourselves in these moments in the state of silence and timelessness in meditation We dedicate these moments to prayer for Peace on our Planet, to one Humanity. We gather somewhere in the deep snow-covered forest, on a meadow surrounded by firs and pines, around fire or at home near fireplace with burning logs, or around fire of the candle This way had it been for last several years. When workers of the Museum of Tea heard about such tradition of ours, they contacted us and asked to spend together this night in total silence and prayer in a harmonization ceremony, using also the sound of seven crystal singing bowls. We discussed this idea together in group, and after some hesitating we agreed. In the evening, before Gregorian New Year, around 30 people gathered in the centre of Moscow in the space of Museum of Tea. We were playing, shifting from one bowl to another, for more than two hours without stopping. And so amazing and majestic has it been some people later confessed to us that this has been their strongest feeling and experience in their whole lifetime

Day 24 Gamma kin 7 Blue Resonant Hand
On our first Resonant meeting in the new Galactic spin we discussed the following issues: organizing new PAN nodes in Russia and CIS and interacting with these nodes, translating and distributing special messages and articles of the Foundation for the Law of Time, responding to our email which is quite tough for us. We decided on urgent printing of 16 out of 28 Meditations of the Law of Time that are now translated and edited (each four in a separate brochure). We approved the layout of the Altai seminar book, approached financial questions of printing, and choice of printing house. We updated status of translation and editing of Valum Votans new book Cosmic History Chronicles Vol1: Book of Throne, planned to print it this spring. We finally completed the group editing of the Telektonon Prophecy text.

Day 25 Kali kin 8 Yellow Galactic Star
On this day of achieving integrity, elegance and creating beauty, in our Spirals of Ascension program we began our three-day Path to Higher Self Connection workshop.

More than 40 people gathered to take this unforgettable Journey Back Home. Our Angels, our Higher Selves led us by magical track during these fairytale Christmas days.

This workshop became for many an enchanting and deep journey into the World of Childhood, accepting the message of ones Inner Child and ones Higher Self through meeting with ones own tale, awakening of the memory of past and message from future about ones mission in this life.

The key transformational event was a ceremony of connecting and meditation of healing ones inner child that allowed to release many problems and blockages in our life, to forgive oneself, ones parents and neighbors.

In addition, during this Moon,
we kept doing constant and painstaking work on translating, correcting, editing, updating texts of Altai Seminar, Earth Ascending, 28 Meditations, Cosmic History Chronicles, Telektonon Prophecy text and the Game of Prophecy Instruction Manual and 7:7::7:7 Telektonon Revelation. All of this requires a lot of time and effort, considering that Planetary Kin who are altruistically doing this work are neither professional translators nor editors nor correctors, but doing this work at their own free time.

We came to the conclusion that working on the Science of Time materials requires special knowledge of terminology and lexicon; it is very important that precise and adequate terms and notions are set in the very beginning of work and the glossaries and fundamental prophetic texts and messages translated without any smallest distortions. Thats why this work can be done by Planetary Kin who really practice the Teaching on a daily basis. Thats why it is taking so long to prepare for print voluminous seminar materials of Valum Votan and Bolon Ik, and books on the Science of Time.

Neither complaining nor seeking excuses, we are asking everyone who is impatiently waiting for so needed and so long-awaited books in Russian to understand us, and if possible to altruistically join this service. Once more we address volunteer Planetary Kin who can translate from English, make proof-reading, design publications, and also all who are willing to donate to support publishing of the New Time books and materials in Russian: Join, step to the path of planetary service to Earth!

In love and service to the New Time of Peace,
Planetary Kin of PAN Svet.

This report is filed by Raduga Romanova Red Planetary Serpent with help of Vadim Mikhailov Red Planetary Serpent.
English translation by Denis Panov Yellow Electric Sun.

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