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Cosmic PAN-KANAGAWA and Cosmic PAN-CHIBA in Japan

Resonant Moon Report    

< From Cosmic PAN-KANAGAWA >

Dear KIN on the planet,    

This may be the first report from Japan

I am Kiyotaka Niikura Red Crystal Moon, the representative of Cosmic PAN-KANAGAWA.  

Its rather late but I would like to report about our first crystal day meeting, which is a

memorable one on Resonant Moon 1, Yellow crystal Human.  

The day before that day was just the galactic birthday of Dr. Jose, and that of Mr. Yanase

who is the representative of the Foundation of the New Time was on the very day. So,

we could celebrate the first and special day all together. We rode on the timing frequency

of 13:20 and all timing was perfect.  

Its notable that there were various ages and occupations of participants in the meeting.

 We are sure its the manifestation that 13 Moon Calendar leading people to return to

the synchronic and organic order is pervading the Japanese society deeper than before.  

In the meeting, all participants introduced themselves and practiced the natural mind

meditation at the beginning. We got attuned and share some perceptions together,

it deepened exchanges with each KIN.  

Of course, the last on the menu was the worldwide synchronic meditation which

 we called for to world KIN. The meditation made our minds to 2012 One and

changed our place to serene universe in flood of energy.  

On Resonant Moon 15, we held the second crystal day meeting in a row. It was

followed by the excitement of the first one, we discussed production of stickers for

cars and hand straps for mobile for promotion of 13 Moon Calendar. And at the end

 the worldwide synchronic meditation was practiced.  

The participants started on their return home with peaceful afterglow of the

meditation, and all of us firmly decided to keep the crystal day meeting in

 the future, with deep sense of accomplishment  

We send love and peace from Japan to every KIN on the planet through the

resonance of the worldwide synchronic medit.


Kiyotaka Niikura, Red Crystal Moon,

the representative of Cosmic PAN-Kanagawa.

< From Cosmic PAN-CHIBA >

Hello everyone, I am Yasue Kawamura,

the representative of Cosmic PAN-CHIBA.

Id like to report our activity.

The first crystal day meeting held on Resonant Moon 14, Red Crystal Serpent.

Its cold day with the wind coming through on the snow fell the two days ago,

but to my joy, 13 people including some started to use Cosmic Dairy several

days before, another used for long time, and other with her family got

together and started. At the beginning I explained about Natural Mind Meditation

and we practiced it for 15 minutes. And then we exchanged each impression

of the meditation, happening to meet Cosmic Dairy and opinion about the

future crystal day meeting. We shared time together with sweets in a friendly

atmosphere, and the first memorable meeting was closed.  

The second meeting will hold on Galactic Moon 12, Blue Crystal Monkey, with

the lecture of Mr. Katsuto Akamine who practices recycling farming method and

wrote the book From a carrot to the universe. We expect his lecture made

many wonderful resonances in our meeting! We look forward to it.  

Extra meeting on Resonant Moon 27, White Crystal Mirror

I went to an earth village at Kurimoto in Chiba prefecture.

I stood on the field which the cold wind came through, felt the universe from

everything being there. And then I visited a dome stood on the middle of

the field and felt it must come to be a wonderful space with Natural Mind Meditation.

It reminded me Dr. Joses lecture at the bottom of Mt. Fuji in Japan.

So, I decided  to hold the crystal day meeting in this place someday.   
In the all connection,

If a feeling comes with resonance for the cosmic providence,
It makes another resonance and become a wonderful spiral,
Everything is ascending together,

As it is, as the flow goes, and like a wind                                               

Yasue Kawamura, 

White Cosmic Wind

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