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PAN Svet Sun Bioregion Russia Moscow

Greetings of Universal Peace to all Planetary Kin and Earth Wizards! With joy we share with you events that occurred during this Moon of discovering radiance and empowerment!

Day 1, kin 216 Yellow Galactic Warrior
PAN Svet group gathered to continue work on the new (fifth) Russian edition of the Telektonon Prophecy text. As we grow spiritually and immerse to the Science of Time, we are getting new realization of this Message of Pakal Votan brough to the world through the Closer of the Cycle Valum Votan. Thanks to the continuous daily Earth Wizard practice and growing telepathic experience, we approach yet deeper understanding of this mystical text, which is the reason for refining and correcting our own previous translations. We also discussed the subject of Pulsars and Overtone Pulsars, and read aloud and discussed some glossary terms from The Arcturus Probe. We found this very interesting, deep and magical exploration, so we desided on doing these explorations when the whole of our group gathers on Resonant days.

Day 2, kin 217 Red Solar Earth
In the center of Moscow, Kremlin, point of Heart of Hearts of Russia, innermost ceremonial work was carried out on day of Full Moon in Scorpio.

Day 3, kin 218 White Planetary Mirror, Opening of the Tomb of Pakal Votan
A regular class on the Science of Time was held in Ayurveda Plus group. These regular classes started in Electric Moon and offer explanations and advice on daily practice of using the 13 Moon 28 Day Calendar. Ayurveda, the Ancient Science of Life, origin of Tibetan, Persian, Chinese and Egyptian medicines, has close connection to the Science of Time which holds synthesis of all ancient and contemporary knowledge. Workers of Ayurveda Plus center who last year attended our seminars Mayan Factor and The Law of Time, asked PAN SVET to organize regular classes on the Science of Time at their Center, and with great enthusiasm gather at these meetings two or three times a Moon. In the Overtone Moon these classes were also held on days 10 and 22.

Day 5, kin 220 Yellow Crystal Sun
On our Crystal meeting we continued group work on Russian edition of the Telektonon Prophecy. This time the Crystal meeting was held in a new space - at the Museum of Tea in a center of Mocow.

One of the founders of this Museum of Tea is Nadezhda Bugakova, a master of Chinese tea ceremony, a friend and apprentice of Bronislav Vinogrodsky. Bronislav is well known in Russia for his study of Chinese tradition, he wrote and translated from ancient Chinese many rare books including the Book of Changes I Ching. He worked as consultant and editor of Russian translation of The Mayan Factor by Jose Arguelles. Thanks to Bronislavs energy and initiative, numerous Tea Clubs appeared in Moscow and other cities, bringing the ancient Chinese tradition of tea ceremony to Russia. Bronislav Vinogrodsky is a good friend of Jose Arguelles and admirer of his work. During his visits to Russia Valum Votan gave several lectures in the Tea Club, initiating new Planetary Kin. It was Bronislav who did simultaneous translation of Valum Votans first in Russia Earth Wizards seminar in a town of Solnechnogorsk near Moscow. Nadezhda Bugakova, Red Resonant Dragon, was one of the translators at Altai seminar of Valum Votan and Bolon Ik, and she also accompanied mission of the Foundation for the Law of Time during their seven-day Altai expedition to the sacred sites of Kan-Altai, the navel of the Earth in the Dragon bioregion. Even when she was working in Bronislav Vinogrodskys Tea Club, Nadezhda was one of the first Russian Planetary Kin giving the classes and seminars on the New Time Calendar in Moscow.

Day 6, kin 221 Red Cosmic Dragon
This day started regular classes on the Science of Time at a Chilren Arts Center Timey. Part of our Spirals of Knowledge program, these 3-hour classes focus on various aspects of the 13 Moon 28 day Calendar from the very basic level and are open to all. The classes at Timey will continue each week on Limi.

Day 18, kin 233 Red Crystal Skywalker
We have completed the work of editing the translation of the Telektonon Prophecy into Russian, and continued to work with the text of the Telektonon Game Manual. We have translated and read aloud the messages from Valum Votan and Red Queen, which requested us to report what was going on currently in Russia and PAN nodes of our country. Also we translated and read aloud a new foreword by Valum Votan to the Russian edition of the Earth Ascending book that we are working on printing this year of the Yellow Seed. Additionally, we wrote, discussed and translated our messages to Valum Votan and our reports. Along with the attunement we also read aloud excerpts from Agni-Yoga (from the Call and Enlighment books messages of the Teachers of Shambala transmitted by Helen and Nicolas Roerich).

Day 20, kin 235 Blue Magnetic Eagle
In the Palette of Spirit program in the Tea Museum there was a Chinese Tea Ceremony followed by a lecture on the Mysterious Musk, known to Agni-Yoga followers from the books of Teaching and the letters of Helen Roerich. An indissoluble thread connects ancient cultures of China and Central America. Chinese sources confirm that Buddhist monks had visited the American continent repeatedly long before it was discovered by Christopher Columbus. Traces of this influence appear in particular in classical Mayan culture. Interestingly, new research unite two prophetic traditions: Tibetan Buddhism and classic Maya. It was through the culture of Chinese tea ceremony which now became quite popular in our country, that the Law of Time knowledge was first introduced into Russia!

And on the Day 28 Blue Solar Nigh in the Tracery of the Mother of the World program there was Harmonization ceremony 12:12:13. This ceremony was open by us telling the story about Harmonic Convergence that had occurred on Blue Electric Eagle and Yellow Self-existing Warrior days, year of the White Galactic Wizard. During the ceremony, seven magic crystal singing Bowls created enchanting sounds of harmony. Earth-Sky / Breath of Unity meditation, known to many aboriginal peoples of the Planet, closed the ceremony.

In addition, on days 16 and 24 there were regular classes of our internal school Path of Spiritual Integration. The school has more than 20 students, all of them being Planetary Kin who participated in our seminars Mayan Factor and the Law of Time during recent years and now working with the New Time Calendar. So each class begins with the full group attunement to the New Time Calendar, meditation of the Cube, tuning the Human and Planetary holons, activation of the Psi-Bank Psi-chrono unit, reading from the 260 Postulates of the Dynamics of Time, Telektonon Prophecy verses and extracts from Agni-Yoga.

Finally, during the whole Moon we were working hard to prepare for print in Russian the books of Valum Votan: Earth Ascending and Altai and Ancient Maya: Law of Time, from Past into Future by materials of the Altai seminar on the Yellow Solar Seed year.

We wish everyone inspiration and creative achievements in the New Galactic Spin!

With Love and Light,
in service to the New Time of Peace,
Planetary Kin of PAN SVET

On behalf of PAN SVET this report is filed by Raduga Red Planetary Serpent and Natalia White Spectral Mirror with support from all group, translated by Denis Yellow Electric Sun.

PAN SVET Sun Bioregion
Russia, Moscow

Email: pansvet1320@yandex.ru
Web: www.belosvet.ru
Phone: +7.495.508.7770 Vadim Mikhailov;    +7.495.332.3984 answering machine
Mailing address: Russia 117218 Moscow, Bolshaya Cheremushkinskaya, 34, office 610.

PAN SVET (Russia, Moscow) was formed as a self-conscious organism on the day of Yellow Overtone Human, kin 252. It was born as a waveform thanks to the initiation of Planetary Kin who received this impulse during the visit of Valum Votan and Bolon Ik to Russia on the year of White Resonant Wizard, day 23 of the Solar Moon of Intention, kin 240 Yellow Rhythmic Sun (29.03.2000).
Later, on the first in Russia seven-day Earth Wizards seminar by Valum Votan and Bolon Ik in Electric Moon of the Blue Galactic Storm year (autumn 2000) in Solnechnogorsk near Moscow a group of enthusiast Planetary Kin was formed which then became first local node of the Planet Art Network in Russia PAN Svet.

Next year of the Yellow Solar Seed Year, in Magnetic Moon PAN Svet with support from Planetary Kin of Russia organized Altai semanar of Valum Votan and Bolon Ik called Altai and Ancient Maya: Law of Time, from past to future. This initiating seminar of the founders of the Foundation for the Law of Time and Planet Art Network gave impulse to creating new PAN nodes in Gorniy Altai, Kazakhstan, Baltic states, Urals, Ukrain, Novosibirsk and St.Petersburg.

There are currently 12 Planetary Kin in PAN Svet:
Vadim Mikhailov Red Planetary Serpen
Raduga Romanova Red Planetary Serpent
Elena Antonova White Galactic Worldbridger
Matvei Krinin Blue Galactic Storm
Denis Panov Yellow Electric Sun
Natalia Shevchuk White Spectral Mirror
Natalia Aksenova Red Overtone Dragon
Lydia Kumak Blue Galactic Monkey
Orsana Kumak Red Crystal Dragon
Sergey Kumak Red Cosmic Earth
Tatiana Kononova Red Lunar Moon
Galina Vorobyeva Yellow Planetary Star
Our common Galactic signature is Yellow Solar Sun emitting Light (SVET)!

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