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PAN Russia - Nikolaev Node - Resonant Moon

The message to planetary kins:

Year of the Yellow Space Seed for planetary kins of Nikolaev has begun in Day outside of Time festival which passed on an ancient spring. The festival passed in harmony and love: we danced and sang, bathed in a spring, sent the world the love and were happy. Our service has proceeded at annual International festival " Pedagogics of XXI century " which passed on coast of Black sea, in Koblevo on the Nikolaev ground (kin 110, 7-th put the magnetic target moon - kin 124). At this festival we have lead seminars, individual interviews, have told about game "telektоnon". Participants of festival have taken away calendars of New time to the cities of Ukraine, Russia, Belarus. The first employment of school " Mayan Culture. A calendar of New Time " we have opened in 13-th day of the electric moon of service - day of the yellow electric person, kin 172, in warm, solemn conditions. Our study, which we perform 1 time per moon, we alternate with spiritually-ecological excursions. We have visited caves which are directly under city are three-storied caves, the part from which is dug out by enthusiasts.During the revolution in 1917 these limestone labyrinthes, served as a refuge for monks who used resonant properties of caves for operating weather on a planet and observing the star sky. If necessary they could allocate falling of space objects on a planet the Earth. After revolution inputs in a cave have been immured and filled up. Monks have disappeared. Where? Still there is no answer for this question as for many others as well.

Twenty columns, the rotunda constructed on coast Ingul river, became a place of our mystery in 12-th day of the Rhythmic moon of equality, kin 225. The pleasure and triumph soared in air on one of favourite places of Nikolaev inhabitants - quay of city where there is a monument to admiral Makarovu and merchant Faleev who built ship-building shipyard and pawned our city together with prince Potyomkin.
During the 21-st day of the rhythmic moon of equality we have visited our ancient spring, burned down a fire, incorporated to elements and shared happiness and pleasure with all planetary kins.

Greetings from planetary kins of Nikolaev:

Sukhanov Raisa - a white magnetic connector of the worlds. The head of school " Mayan Culture and the Calendar of New Time ".
Tkachenko Nelja-yellow selfexisting seed.
Ershova Natasha - yellow selfexisting seed.
Doluda Anna - a dark blue spectral eagle.
Zinchenko Jury - the white galactic wizard.
Melnichuk Tatyana - white selfexisting mirror.
Shkarbul Igor - a dark blue galactic storm.
Sokolova Valentine a-yellow resonant star.
Osipov Anatoly - the dark blue rhythmic monkey.
Chatterer Elena - the red spectral moon.
Kitzkalo Lilian - dark blue rhythmic night.
Pasisnichenko Elizabeth - the red solar ground.
Zhukovskaja Tatyana - white selfexisting mirror
Behteeva Tatyana - dark blue selfexisting the monkey
Dudnikova Olga - Kolomijchenko Valentine's white space dog - dark blue overtone storm
Kravets Irina - the yellow galactic soldier.
We join the World Movement for transition to a calendar of 13 moon in the name of the World.

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