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Special report from The Mystery of the Stone Production Team - Japan

Dear all who would like to live in 13:20 new time worldwide.
We are The Mystery of the Stone Japanese kit production team.

Maybe our coordinator Mr. Tomida (KIN 175) should write first report. But within our team, anyone can take turns and it's not obligation. I, Splendor (people call me SP, KIN 174 ) write this letter this time.

We do not belong to any PAN node. But we have something to share with people worldwide. Let us introduce our team and some activities held during past few moons.
To translate information about 7 years of middle time and the kit “The Mystery of the Stone”, we have started as translation (production) team since Magnetic moon this 13.Seed year with 8 people. I wonder if any of the counties has similar groups and activities as well. If the answer is yes, we would be willing to hear from you!

Any query please contact at ishi-no-shinnpi-owner@yahoogroups.jp

Everything is moving fast since completion of the kit end of Gregorian December. On Galactic Moon 20 = resonant storm day, our first introductory lecture (to show how to use the kit) was held in Tokyo . More than 30 people joined our show and we had shared our understanding about Chapter 5, the most important chapter regarding daily, weekly practice with the entire participants as follows:

- Reason why it is Important to fill 9 vertical charkas (different orbits) first. 
- Annual oracle (body of bolontiku) and relationship with 10 orbits (telektonon). 
- How to fill the blank. Image the planets filled and not filled, call bolontiku to 13 joints.

We might not be perfect. But we emphasized all participants to think about it by themselves first.
Let me remind you that people who use KOZO (Kin 46)'s schedule book has been practicing the work (or at least paying attention to) since 12-Storm year here in Japan . 80 sets of kits (English version) have been distributed so far.

After the event, we're continuously translating remaining part of the kit's manual at the moment. Hopefully to be able to review in public early Red Magnetic Moon year, though the schedule is not confirmed yet.

We have another news to tell. One of our team members “Hiroe” (KIN 28) has been held monthly “13 moon study group” for the past few years. The latest event was held in Solar moon 5. We used traditional Japanese musical instruments “Koto”, Japanese harp and “Bamboo flute” to think and feel the pulsars /overtone pulsars by their sounds! Do you know that “Koto” has 13 strings? We felt the difference between traditional and modern instruments by its sounds. We had invited guests. “Tanuki” (Kin 204), bamboo flute Meister and “Sino” (Kin 122), his wife played Japanese harp for us.

Western scale has 7 different tones; Do(C), Re(D), Mi(E), Fa(F), Sol(G), La(A), Si(B). Japanese classic scale called “hira-joshi”, classical basic tuning use 5 different tones; Do(B flat), Mi(D), F(E flat), La(G), Si(A). Please note Hira-joshi tunes basic tone as Mi=D. Each scale assigns to 13 strings. Firstly Sino played each pulsar's chords then we felt the sound by our body. The 4th , 2nd , and the 1st dimension sounded in harmony while 3rd dimensional chord sounded strange to us a bit. Secondly, she played overtone pulsars. These were also harmonious sound and also have a power of get things moving. The classical scale requires tuning in where 2 different sounds heard as one. This is called the rate of Pythagoras. That's why it makes different from the modern (western) musical instruments tuning in at 1/12. The rate of Pythagoras tuning in by 3/2, thus sound shifts delicately by repeating and it leads to the upsurge of feeling.

Next Tanuki gave 5 codes by blowing 5 different tuned flutes (tones). Magnetic to E flat , Lunar to G, Electric to A, Self-exisiting to B flat , and Overtone to D. (Well if your tone is 7=resonant, then you belong to code G in this case). It was interesting to see that 70% of people were charmed by the sound that is related to their own tone by choosing most preferable sounds. Triggered by Koto sounds, a professional music creator had spoken out and shared his deep insights about music, sound with us. Everyone shared their insights and enjoyed the event from the bottom of their hearts. Some of the people knew nothing about 13 moons, yet decided to join this event by key word “music”. These people will surely attracted by the art of time measured by 13 and will searching more about it by themselves.

Through Hiroe's inspiration, the members are invited to hold the event together with her from Red Magnetic Moon year. The details should be discussed within the team on next meeting. The event changed its name as “The time is art: Planet Cultra 2012 group“ from “13 moon study group” at once. There are many programs and lectures to be held in coming few months, such as dream work, astrology with telektonon, etc. The point is to live in new time, we would be willing to think about everything in daily life with relates to 13 moons in her study group. The most important thing is to have a place where everyone could speak out naturally without pressuring from anyone else. Every participant should have something to share with everyone. We would also like to share information and activities worldwide with everyone who feels the same way.

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