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6th Annual Day Out of Time

Austin's event was well attended by each of the twenty glyphs.  Gary Galactic Earth graced all three ceremonies with his beautiful Native American flute music.  Julie Planetary Monkey again brought the 3-ft. tall Unity Crystal which stood in the center of the ceremonial circle.  All  joined in sacred ceremony to greet the new day with the Mayan prayer for daytime. We recited the Prayer of the Seven Galactic Directions in between tonings of the heart chakra bowl. People in the circle proudly displayed their glyphs on their third eyes.  The Oneness mantra was chanted and all who remained in the circle received a blessing or 'shaktipat' for oneness.
As Father Sun rose in the sky, so did the temperature and we enjoyed a visit from a local vendor...The Third Scoop,  Austin Ice Cream Festival.  We had 16 kin gather for the early sunrise ceremony. Attendees gathered around the white truck with a huge pink cone on its roof.  Free ice cream was graciously offered to everyone.  Peace through Ice cream!  These guys just magically showed up! We had 16 kin gather for the early sunrise ceremony.  We had reserved the park, but not a license to have food vendors.  So the universe provided for us! 
About 40 people gathered at sunmax to greet Father Sun with the Mayan Solar Prayer.  All joined in a Prayer of Blessing the Earth with Loving kindness.  As the heart bowl was sounded,  love was inhaled and loving kindness was exhaled into larger and larger spheres of light until they merged with the entire cosmos. Finally all joined hands for a group Oneness blessing. 
Virginia Galactic Moon provided cold watermelon for all and David Magnetic Monkey brought an ice chest of bottled water. Bryan Solar Skywalker did the customary decoding of birthdays for the kin and Jarle Crystal Dragon came all the way from Norway to erect our Mayan Pyramid of King Pakal.  This year we were blessed to have a viewing of the 260 glyphs and tones inside the pyramid!  What an amazing day!
As usual, kin gathered at the picnic tables to peruse the numerous books on Mayan archaeology, calendaric, and astrology.  Pocket size Mayan calendars, DOOT shirts, and peace banners were available for purchase.
More and more people showed up for the sunset ceremony, which ended up being our best attended group blessing.   60 or more gathered for the sunset ceremony.  All were honored to have the Aztec Dance Group perform sacred ceremony for all to witness and experience.  They danced in full Aztec regalia.  They sounded the conch shells and burned the sacred copal.  They sang in their native language and even though we could not understand the words,  we did understand the love-- the language of the heart.  They danced as Father Sun set and some of the photos even show the presence of our ancestors (the orbs in the photos).
Rosa recited the nighttime prayer to Hunab Ku and all joined in for the Lakota prayer.  A banner of Peace was given to Rosa and her group to symbolize Peace for all groups of indigenous people and we were given a sage bundle and an ear of blue corn. We respect each others work being done to assist with the Great Awakening. I believe we all felt the love of the One Heart.  At the end of the ceremony, all joined hands with each other and with the Aztec staff of life.  We felt the realization that it is time to put down the differences in the calendars and honor all calendars as an aspect of the whole. Finally the Oneness mantra was sung and a blessing of Oneness was bestowed on all kin.  Happy New Yellow Self-Existing Year!

The Mayan meditation for Yellow 4 Seed is:

View the Blue Electric Night Day Out Of Time, ATXPAN, photos via Photobucket.

Thank you all for coming to our humble gathering!
In service to the One Heart,
Planet Art Network, Austin, Texas

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