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Activating the Lightgrid node http://www.lawoftime.org/gsc.html

On Rhythmic Moon Silio 28, 5 kin form the PAN Ashland node (Planetary Mirror, Planetary Sun, Galactic Star, Rhythmic Dragon and Rhythmic Sun) went on an adventure to find the lightgrid node for the Galactic Sinchronization Crew of Ashland Oregon. We found a wonderful spot near the river and activated it with a crystal mandala and visualization and then we did the Rainbow Bridge Meditation. We will have a PAN Crystal meeting on Gamma 10 Red Crystal Dragon and will have more updates soon ! :)

Rainbow Blessings to all kin! With infinite love form Ashland Oregon.

Rhythmic Sun.

P.S. The following is an inspiring song from the Black Eyed Peas called One Tribe. ENJOY!

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