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Warm Greetings in Peace,

My name is Angela Sciberras and I am from Western Sydney (Penrith / Blue Mountains area) and have registered a PAN Node in our area.

It is with great joy that I would like to share with you my report of a day held on the 31st of January, Red Spectral Skywalker day.

This particular day was organised to initiate those who attended to the basics of the 13 Moon Peace Calendar and their Galactic Signatures. We were astounded after putting out the call to those we know to receive a resounding response with 36 attendees signing up within a week of sending out emails and invitations. On the day all told we had 37 attendees (one baby) plus the four organisers. We had people from all over the area and some even drove 6 hours to get there.

Most of these people had never heard of the calendar, yet still had the inner urge to attend this special event. We held the day at a local venue giving us a back drop of sandstone walls and an ancient feel of times gone by. It was truly lovely. We the organisers, Angela, Rosemary, Joanne and Susan, with some help from Hazel, made the most of the evening before hand to create a beautiful space, truly exemplifying Time As Art! By the time we completed our artwork environment which included a huge circle of chairs in the centre of the room, a small alter with candles and spiral shaped art work, Scented Candles, Crystals, flowers, calendars, essential oil displays and artworks created by Hazel the vibe in the room was penetrating. We left very excited for the day to come with a drive home viewing a huge round glowing moon to light our path home.

The day proceeded with the Prayer of the Seven Galactic Directions – Joanne reciting the words while I played my beautifully handmade rainbow native American flute. (By the way, this flute came to me in incredible synchronicity. After completing the Mayan Calendar workshop with a trainer from Melbourne I expressed to my friends and myself that I would love to have a rainbow flute to honour the rainbow bridge meditation. I went home, went online to a site of a man that makes beautiful flutes that I have purchased before. Richard Maynard, Crow Flutes. He incredibly had there on his site a one off Rainbow Flute.. As you can imagine I bought it immediately and now play it every day with my rainbow mediation. It is Tiger Maple with the gems of all the chakras along it.) Amazing truly. Joanne then took us all through a session in Shi Bashi Tai Chi to get our energy flowing.

Introductions and short explanations, some uplifting music written by Joanne, and then an exercise of finding our connections to each other.

Each person wore a badge with all of their information on it, galactic Signatures, Clan, Earth Family and the like... We then had the group find their corresponding earth families, clans and tones etc – all the while getting beautiful explanations of the role within the galaxy within each of these groups. It was lovely, and truly showed everyone just how connected we all really are, we really are all one.

We then complete the mornings session with some African Drumming and Dance. We had around 20 drummers and the rest dancing the dance. The dance was actually an initiation dance from West Africa which encourages the participants to let go of what they had previously been living, illusion etc, to spiritually grow up inspiring them to more fully embody their purpose here, and show their true light.

Morning tea was followed by a reading of the Mythic Call, to which most of the room spontaneously burst into tears... It has that effect, remembering... the whole room then spontaneously burst into chanting, singing and song for what seemed like an eternity. I realised on completion that I was standing next to a woman who had a huge galactic butterfly tattoo on her arm. I asked her if she knew what that was, and she said no, she just found it on the internet and loved it. When I explained what it actually was, she was understandably incredibly humbled and emotional.

We then completed a process of casting the code spell for each person. We went around the circle in order of tones and activated and gave permission to truly step into our true essence, power, action and energy. We also taught them each their Glyph Mudra and Glyph Mayan name for example Eb, Caban, etc.. The whole room again burst into spontaneous song, but this time each person was singing their signature glyph name while performing their Mudra over and over. This Mayan name bathing was incredible and the energy build was immense. So much energy was abound that many people began to stamp their feet to ground it. It ended gracefully with the energy buzzing in the air, we stood, each person holding another, and then another, creating a web of people all connected to each other in a circle of light. We sent love to the earth, and blessed her.

We then gave people time to mingle soak up the artworks and displays, and give them an opportunity to connect more deeply with each other. It was amazing how many people who did not know each other, but realised on talking that they had so many connections. Lovely.

Lunch was then followed by an invocation or download of the energetic qualities associated with peace, love, and developing our abilities spiritually. And then completing the day with another African dance taught by myself which brings heaven down to earth and grounds it.

We were all blessed by Susan’s lovely homemade healthy organic foods. A day to remember for all. Considering there were about 5 out of the 39 that had ever heard of the Mayan Calendar every person was truly immersed in this day and left changed people. We have now arranged a specific Introduction to the 13 Moon Peace Calendar Day for the 28th of February Red Cosmic Dragon Day for those who are really interested in getting a deeper understanding of the Dream Spell Calendar and the information surrounding it. I Angela White Solar Wind 22 will be teaching on that day, with the assistance of Rosemary and Susan. And am so very excited to be doing so. Spreading this information and talking about it is what empowers me, inspires me and drives me now. I now embrace and love my role as white solar wind! I will put my heart and soul into teaching this information so that others can go out and make great change in their lives, the lives of many, and the life force of our earth mother Gaia.

If anyone is interested in attending this day in February this year you are very welcome, please just let me know asap! As we already have 13 signed up in 24 hours.
We also plan to do a Day Out of Time Celebration this year! All very exciting. Hope you enjoyed this report. And I look forward to writing many more.

With deep love and peace

White Solar Wind 22
Angela Sciberras

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