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From Red Galactic Earth on kin 177

Hi friends, here i am beggining a new cycle today NS kin 177

On my mind the sentence "How do i speak about sound to a deaf?"

Im on the Cosmic Cross where the ancestors meet with the people of the stars.

This means i am jew and i got back to the study of Torah.

After a hard year on travelling with economic difficulties from Brazil to Paraguay,
to a rainbow gathering at Catamarca, Argentina, back to Buenos Aires
then to an electronic fest of three days in Patagonia,
to a Contact Improvisation Dance meeting in Cordoba,
visiting 13:20 friends at Capilla del Monte,
experiencing 21 breatharean process with a friend who says to be breatharean for two years and is in New Zeland Right Now,
and back to Buenos Aires again without money and almost without personality,
i had to go back to work to keep my self integer as a human being on the city.

I was crashed by a small motorbike the first day here on kin 91
my head hit the floor and my mind stopped and the channel opened even more
there was the totality speaking and breathing on me as i accepted to be guided by the srongest force

I was guided back to the people of my roots, the jewish religious comunity.
It is really trascendental what i feel when im trying to put the past and the future toghether
Now that i followed the 13:20 codes daily for 5 years an 7 tzolkin a new stage of the plan has oppened for me

I feel the call to try to enter with the codes of the new time and reach the core of the jewish intelligence.
It means a full transformation for me and an opportunity to influence a profound transformation in the world surrounding me.
This is at the highest of my vision right now guiding me and helping me to focus on the martial art of presence.

The study of torah comes along with many requirements in order to prepare the soul and the mind
for a great great level of perfection and details on the way of the life of the human being on development of divine intelligence.

I never know if what i imagine as a possibility will be really a true reality but i have to always focus on the higher chance.
The higher chance is the miracle aqcuisited by self dedication to the higher cause.

So at the same time i study torah i study and teach Dreamspell and the Law of time.
Im trying to put a team toghether for learning and applying knowledge to concrete transformation.

This is big for one person and i let myself be guided by prayer and acceptance of the continuous contrast of appearences.
Then it seems that nothings happening anymore and time stopped but theres a clear feel that a lot is happening on the cosmic level
Then the way is not that wich i imagined so i must keep myself alert and steady with feet on the ground and anchored to the One.
If you are connected to more jewish kin that are involved in the study of torah please contact us.
I feel tht this could be a positive step on behalf of 2012 Universal Peace Plan.
My birthdate is on Planetary 7 so this year im loaded with kin 52 Yellow Cosmic Human.

It would be great to receive a few more codes about 441.
It is great that the buses that take me to the place where i study are yhe 113,114 and the 133(the kin of my brother).
Did you know that the precepts on the torah to be accomplished are 613 wich is the 113rd prime number (correct if im wrong)?
And that for the jewish the torah represents the crown of god?
(See 441 Cube Rinri Newsletter, www.lawoftime.org: http://www.lawoftime.org/GRI/rinri/rinri-441-1.html)

Tonight i was coming back from work on with the subway.
On one stop I raised my eyes and saw the digital clock saying "11:22"
There was a publicity on the panel saying:
"Museo del Holocausto. Mucha Memoria. Nada de Arte." Well i dont remember the right words.
It was something like "this museo is all about the memory. nothing of art."

It remembered me that when i travelled back from epuyen 2 years ago (when Valum Votan visited),
on the bus they playd a movie with richard gere, something about the magic of words.
Here R.Gere plays a jewish teacher of caballa whose son chooses to enter a Hare Krsna community.
(i've always been close to the krsna comm since when i visited India almost 7 years ago.)
The movie starts with Richard saying something about a concept in Caballah called "tikun olam" : fix the world.
The rest of the movie is about how is daughter participate in a match of developng words
and avoids winning when she saw that the victory was already hers.

Ive seen another movie this weekend called "Deja Vu" with wesley snipes and is a very crazy movie about time.
Perhaps it would be interesting that you could see it and comment it.
There are certain movies that could help us all with understanding about whats going on.

Im channeling a book called "Developing the Code of Totality" that brings the reader to a connection with multidimentional reality.
Ive also written a report of my adventures on the past year and i was about to send it but i couldn't correct it yet.

Well it's late and i have to take a shower and a rest before continue working on developing reality.
I hope you are well and downloading all the data i stored on the Red Galactic Earth Time Unit.

May we all have a great blue electric storm year and meet somewhere sometime in someplace with 5d 4d 3d 2d and 1d toghether.

Love and peaceful armony of inteligence as life on art

alwasy telepating sincronizing and developing,

red galactic earth


PS: all kin on the internet should search for the YouTube video of Beck called "Timebomb" including especially the "Bacckwards Version"
There you can hear him speaking about alliens from mars and a red alert. Zeitgeist is another movie very important for all to see on this moon kin 144.

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