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Dear Planetary Kin,

Coming of the Total Solar Eclipse and Solar Consciousness   

A total solar eclipse, the largest to be observed in the 21st century, can be witnessed in the southern islands of Japan. Following this event is Day out of Time Festival and welcoming of a New Year.

In setting a purpose and goal for Year of the Yellow Self-Existing Seed, we will hold Cosmic Diary (13 Moon Calendar) Festival on August 15, the anniversary of the end of the war, in the hope for peace to Hiroshima, Nagasaki and the whole humankind. Currently in Japan, there are 119 Cosmic Diary lecturers and the festival is organized mainly by a group of newly certified lecturers.

We are now traveling to Yakushima (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yakushima), an island well-known for the largest specimen of Cryptomeria known as Jomon Sugi, an ancient forest and pure water to see the total solar eclipse. Thirty-one members of the tour include 14 Cosmic Diary lecturers, 10 Cosmic Diary Seminar participants, children of the teacher and Yanase myself.

We are blessed with midsummer days everyday and I feel the intention of the Sun as if making us think of Solar Consciousness prior to our departure. Here’s some excerpt from the message of the participants of my recent seminar:

“How bright the sun is today and I can feel such a powerful solar energy radiating to the earth. This is a blessing of the Sun and I’m very grateful. Thank you. But it’s so hot!”

“I was walking my dog in the morning today and I felt the cicadas are singing more powerfully than yesterday. Then as I looked up a tree I saw a clear blue sky spreading above me! “

“One the way home, as I casually looked up into the sky, I could see the sunlight coming down in vertical lines between the clouds. Then I felt deeply from my bottom of my heart that every life being is surrounded by Mother, the Sun as a source of life.”

“ Being in a paddy and field, I become aware of so many things. Passing of the time and changing of the season, it is all very visible.”

“ Summer is here!! The sky is clear and blue. The sun is shining so strong and I can’t help shouting “sizzling out!”impulsively.

You know, I boiled tomatoes with plenty of eggplants which my mother grew and green peppers, potatoes, onions and carrots. Lastly I sprinkled with basil harvested in my husband’s private vegetable garden and my savory summer vegetable soup was ready to be served!”

Are you feeling the Sun?
Now is the time we all must feel the Sun.

Environmental consciousness is to be conscious (that means to feel) about things around you (environment).

I have been saying that to feel your surroundings is what environmental consciousness means.

Furthermore, using a keyword “Time is Organic Order”, I have navigated people from “feeling” to “perceiving (the providence)” in a seminar. Those of you who understand this key word “Time is Organic Order” and use Cosmic Diary in daily life, I believe you wake up at sunrise and every day you feel a dynamic change in all life beings caused by the Sun and solar energy, in other words “organic order”.

Solar Consciousness is to feel the Sun.

And it means to perceive the reality that the Sun influences everything to dynamically change in accordance with the natural order. For any existing life, it is the Sun one must feel as environment.

In Japan, over 50% of children has never seen the rising sun.

We should ask ourselves what to retrieve as Japanese and what message we need to send out to the world.

To confirm it, I think the largest total solar eclipse in the 21st century is taking place in Japan.

From the Mayan perspective, our current history began 5112 years ago in BC 3113.

And it was the time when our civilization was established by a group of people with a strong Solar Consciousness as the 1st Dynasty of ancient Egypt.

In Japan, we can tell in the worship of Amaterasu (the sun goddess) how strong the Solar Consciousness is for Japanese people in a very real sense.

In Buddhism, the reason why Dainichi Nyorai, or Vairocana Buddha is important is because the Sun presents itself the cosmic intention scientifically in its own solar system and not because it is prominently featured in Japanese esoteric, Shingon Buddhism or of any other religious and doctrinal meaning.

Solar activity cycle in general is known for a 11 years and a half period. The next cycle starts in 2012.

Also, the next time when the Sun, the Moon and the Earth become completely aligned in Japan occurs in 2012. The distance between the Moon and the Earth will be further apart than this time, we will have the annular eclipse.

Today, it is observed that the solar activity has been quiet for the first time in 200 years. I must intuitively sense, however, that it should be a reaction to increasing activity toward 2012.

July 21, 1963
Total eclipse
Eastern part of Hokkaido, etc.

Annular eclipse
Okinawa main island, etc.

July 22, 2009
Total eclipse
Tokara islands, Yakushima, Tanegashima, some part of Amami Islands

May 21, 2012
Annular eclipse
Tokara islands, Yakushima, Tanegashima, Kyushu, Shikoku, Kinki Region, Central Region, some part of Tohoku Region, major part of Kanto Region

June 1, 2030
Annular eclipse
Major part of Hokkaido,etc.

September 2, 2035
Total eclipse
Some part of Central and Kanto Regions

11-year Solar Cycle

Solar activity the most quiet in 200 years
2009/1/27 13:35 UTC - This is a satellite image of the Sun as of January 26, 2009 from the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) spacecraft jointly developed by ESA and NASA. As you can see, no sunspots are observed.

The research has revealed so far that the Sun has an 11 year-period activity cycle and an astronomical observatory in each country made announcement on January 4, 2008 last year that the Sun entered the 24th activity cycle.

However, the number of sunspots showing the solar activity has been decreasing and there have been many consecutive days when no sunspots can be observed since the second half of last year

Anyhow, from the day of the solar eclipse this year, I feel that the Japanese people will resume the solar consciousness in themselves and have a true environmental consciousness back as an earthling.

As many people refer to Iwato biraki*, this will become such an important phenomenon for us to determine all of this by placing it firmly in the spirit.
*Iwato biraki literally means to open the rock gate. In Japanese mythology, the Sun Goddess, Amaterasu shut herself in anger in the Heavenly Cave and sealed it with a giant rock because of her brother’s action. Without her everything began to wither and die…After many efforts by the gods and goddesses, Amaterasu finally emerged out of the cave by opening the Gate of Celestial Rock, bringing the sunlight back to the universe. It is a beginning of a new state by opening the gate of one’s heart and spirit.

Although the total solar eclipse can be witnessed only in a few places, the solar eclipse will be observed throughout Japan. I hope many people will join me in reflecting on ourselves the fact that we have forgotten to feel the Sun and neglected to feel the surroundings and perceive the providence of the universe. And that from the solar eclipse day this time, we all must start feeling it again not just for ourselves but for Japan as a whole and for the civilization of the Earth. So I would like to manifest myself naturally to bring forth the Earth level of awakening from Japan.

It is the prophecy of the Maya telling us to return to the natural time, and the prophecy of the native people telling us we have come so apart from the nature.

In the time of opening the Gate of Celestial Rock,Iwato biraki, I must firmly feel that the universe is urging for us to perceive the meaning of the change in the Japanese people and of the world

From today, please focus yourself to feel the Sun and then to perceive the universe. By doing so, I hope and pray for the humankind to depart for the new high dimensional time.

Universal love and in lak'ech!

Call for Day Out of Time Festival

I would like to call for synchronized natural mind meditation in this moment of an eclipse of the Sun. Following this event will be another worldwide call for Day Out of Time Festival for humankind to feel the Sun, perceive the galactic cycle and depart for a high dimensional new time.

Day Out of Time Festival
Japan & World July 25, 2009
http://2009outoftime.hp2.jp (in Japanese only)
http://www.seizethemagic.com/lol/04events/04day.html (Announcement of “Day Out of Time Festival 1999” by Hirohide Yanase in English)

Gather 10 people, 100 people and even 1000 people, realizing the concert, the event, the prayers. Let’s organize a festival with the spirit of the Earth!!

If you feel the same way and are inspired to bring forth such a festival, then make it happen on July 25!!

The purpose of “Day Out of Time Festival” is to revive the sense of connection with everything and the spirit of festival through by experiencing the event.

The “festival” makes the circulation of the spirit and phenomena in the dynamism of natural rhythm, and allows a constant reformation of consciousness. I feel that it energizes the Earth as Gaia which is the Earth as a living being. I hope to share this feeling with all of you.

It’s not the size of a festival that matters. Important thing is to have an idea which brings forth a festival.

Once again for the last time this year, why not join us by calling out as many people as possible to take part in this attempt to revive the Earth of the 21st century.

Let me know where and what you will be doing on July 25th.

I like to share the information with many people on the Earth.

Hirohide Yanase

Author of “Cosmic Diary”, Advocate of “Day Out of Time Festival”

Representative of Institute for the Communication of Environmental Consciousness

Cosmic Diary Festival on Saturday, August 15

To celebrate a New Year of Cosmic Diary (13 Moon Calendar) and to set a purpose and goal for Year of the Yellow Self-Existing Seed, we will hold “Cosmic Diary Festival” on August 15, the anniversary of the end of the war, in the hope for peace to Hiroshima, Nagasaki and the whole humankind. (August 15 also falls in a period of Obon festival, a Japanese Buddhist custom to honor the departed spirits of one’s ancestors.)

People can surely evolve in three years.

For that purpose, the official Cosmic Diary lecturers are now starting to play an active role in various projects.

Beside telling people the spirit of Cosmic Diary to return to the natural time and how to use it, those lecturers will manifest their dedication to start a project of environmental consciousness communication including in the area of food, publication, Time is Art (artistic activities and support, art in daily life, house of the senses), Time Travel (tours to vitalize sacred places in the world), and public relations (from the view of Communication is creation.)

We will envision such a new world in our mind and spirit and help noosphere to be manifested.

What is required now is to build a nation (formation of noosphere) on a spiritual level. It is the people’s mind that creates the third dimensional society and your image of a politician creates today’s politicians and politics in our society.

Let’s begin by generating our wonderful world in our spirit. And when it can be manifested as vision on the earth, it will come true. Why not use this universal law in earnest to help humankind evolve and ascend consciously from here and now.

The upcoming festival will be held for serving this purpose.


Regarding the performers shown with the photos in above link, in one week after Aki participated in the Cosmic Diary seminar, her painting was selected for an exhibition and made her lead an exciting life as a singer . A soprano, Tomoko Shishikura and a voice actress, Makiko Omoto are both official lectures. They, too, have gone through a drastic change in their life which made them decide to become Cosmic Diary lecturers.

Everything is a run-up for further evolution. It is important for every one of us to evolve together. To achieve the purpose, we will experience the total solar eclipse, the Day Out of Time Festivals and welcome the New Year. We will set a goal for a year and manifest ourselves on August 15 in the hope of peace to Hiroshima, Nagasaki and the whole humankind. We will be having the festival to serve all this.

A series of movement has been born by the work of the universe. I sincerely hope to resonate with all the planetary kin to evolve together in the path of movement of the earth.

Universal love and in lak'ech!
Hirohide Yanase

Hirohide Yanase
Representative of Cosmic Pan Japan
Author of Cosmic Diary
Email: cosmic-human12@syd.odn.ne.jp
Web http://www.async.ne.jp/cosmic (in Japanese only)

Yumi Umemura
Official Cosmic Diary lecturer
For translation and contact for international communication
Email yumiplum@yahoo.co.jp

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