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PAN Antwerp ( Belgium)

We have a free spirit forum feel free to visit :)

The summer started with the loss of a box with 13 dreamspellkits 13 banners And 130 13moon pocket calenders . But we did not let that anti-force scare us :) :)

Moon 13 day 25 => day out of time .
Galactic storm => spectral night in the human wavespell.
Transylvania calling
A international trance-gathering of tribes in the mountains of Romania, Transylvania. We went there to do a maya'n calender dreamspell / 13 moon . 2012 workshop. But we did so much more. We created the dream space of the festival a beautiful merkaba combined with the 20 solar seals and the om shakti mantra. We activated our 17 Chacrasystem and sang the maria Magdalena fire flame mantra's with united light workers from all over the world ; Kin from Australia Germany, Israel ,Funland Sweden and of course Belgium.We created a healing space, crystal grids and did a workshop full body contact improvisation dancing..  The organization was very open to light work and helped us a lot and we them. . I myself did my first workshop and i found the teacher in myself.During the day out of time we did a simple but strong single luminous white A meditation. We connected with a Belgium tribe who are going to create a 13:20 like community in the Belgium Arden's.
 This experience was very motivating for all of us. And we learned a lot of lessons.
Next time will be in 2007 when the nearby city is going to be the European culture capital of the world. I received information that that light city should be activated.
 We need to find 12 local people who will do this with our help.
The organization will welcome us the next event. It might be fun to make it an international PAN party :) :)

problems = we should have brought a pc with a printer so we could calculate and print the KIN more easy . And we didn't bring shelter :) :) and a big tzolkin :p

PAN Antwerp


Day 25 yellow spectral seed
PAN European low land meeting
Next was the PAN European low land meeting with José Arguelles .It was good to hear josé speak and to hear the words between the line's . the message came true and all ego barriers where set aside to create  PAN Antwerp .

DAY 26 Cristal red moon 
parte from 11 till 11
a small last minute day chill and trance party in the woods . Where.A small 13 moon stand arise, veddic food was served and connections where made for the part the next weekend...

PAN Antwerp


Moon2 Day 5-6 rhythmic yellow warrior and resonant red earth
Materia Prime
A dark trance party where we did a healing zone and a dreamspell stand .
Problems: The Mayan people had a bad day with low energy and a lot of mayanpeople canceled to come . So that didn't work out very well . The healing-zone was a success :)

Moon 2 Day 11 Cristal white wind PAN lowland meeting

Moon 2 Day 13 yellow spectral seed . On this the the moonly new moon goddess circle took place

Moon2 day 18 rhythmic red moon Reiki initiations where given to the kins who received them

On the last weekend of the second moon .13 warrior 1 earth and 2 mirror
We Did a small festival. In the most powerful place in Belgian Arden's. In Weris. They have dolmen and menhirs over there. We worked together with a beautiful wicked couple who have a beautiful  large garden where they use permaculture to grow their vegetable's and herbs. And they make all kinds of herbal products.... and a beautiful daughter called myrdddyn. We did loads of things that festival. Light circle's , a little more advanced dreamspell workshop/ story telling .. a sound healing with Bernard and wannes . A herb walk in the surrounding fields and forests . Nature's a bless :) , using our hands to move wood over a large distance. Sweat lodge's. Fire mediation, totem animal meditations, and a happy get together .

PAN Antwerp


day 4 till day 7 . We went back to the ardens (some of us just stayed) to the first rainbow gathering of Belgium. We felt a lot of confusion and a lot of dualism on the rainbow festival. Being afraid of babylon.instead of transforming and loving it. . We did light circle's and sung the maria Magdalene fire flame basic mantra's .  It was a first time for everybody next time we will go more prepared and help .We connected with the rainbow family and are now working together in various projects .. 

on day 14 there was a goddess circle...

PAN Antwerp


Alpha day 5  planetary human.
There was a tribal gathering in gent . Aes Dana and juno reactor came and play. We did a ceremony and people of our group had the ability to work together with wicked hayo.we made a sample of the first of the maria Magdalena fire flame we are working with.. We played it in the early morning for 1000 people. And our rhythmic dog made a free donation crystal/stone altar .for picture's please visit

the weekend of day 12 and 13 of the 4th moon
we went to a party in the netherlands Breda. There is a PAN node growing there . Tis a squad in a church who are active in art healing meditation and the 13moon dreamspell....

day 14 till 21 of the 4 moon.  Rhytimic dragon => cosmic star
The cosmic worldbridger , resonant dragon and magnetic human went on a visit avalon..we first went to aveburry to be reborn .. And after that of to  Glastonbury .TO THE TORR!! A full power place this little town is . lots of good things happen there.A connection was made with the rainbow serpent project and we met up with the galactic wind and hand of pan Avalon. We talkt about pan and the challenges which lie in them .What an inspyering trip this was.  We helped clean up the new office.  We hope for a good communication and cooperation between Pan Belgium and england . creating a dutch dreamspell diary and print it in england is the current vision...

during which on day 16 the moonly new moon our goddess circle continued


On day 24 ; the third day of this wavespell a monkey day. Their was a lecture of peter In gent and pan Belgium was present with a 13moon dreamspell stand. It was an inspyering lecture about 2012 and the things that passed and are yet to come .. TIME IS NOW PEOPLE!!! .

The magnetic human and the solar hand started a history chronicle work group on the overtone earth of this magical moon wavespell.

PAN Antwerp

A dreamspell – longcount beta-program was created by cosmic sun . Feel free to register @ and download it

Moon 5 day 2
the solar tone of the magical flight wavespell a red earth day ( hun ebs yearsign)and solar hands solar birth day and his perfect challenge we did a full moon light circle. Traveling through time restoring and retaking the power of the magic flight. A powerful moon it was ; all the elements corresponding with the words of the meditation and a good connection with the love stream which was being send out from allover the world to Pakistan.

Day 3 planetary mirror on the same location there was an open healing ..

On Day 10 the self excsiting serpent we did a W'heal diner . We started out a year ago in connecting with a lot of light workers in Flanders and now we came together again . A wizards council this was ;40 shamans where present. And half of them active in PAN. We talked about what we accomplished and shared our visions about the things to come . An Antwerp crystal chacra grid will be laid in spring...We joined forces with the circus tribe( which we met in Transylvania)  who are active in biological agriculture and hydro power and spreaders of the new time...

Day 12 and 13 the rhythmic hand and resonant star the magnetic human and the electric wind (both born in the self existing wizard year ;) ) went to a 13 moon Dream spell workshop of peter Tonen in the Netherlands and we participated as stagaire to gain vision in how doing this properly. The knowledge was broadened and we are ready for action ...

On day 24 Our group started dancing again .We found a youth center where we can do our activities and our cosmic worldbridger took the opportunity and we got together to do some improvisation full body contact dancing.wich we will do every gamma now . While'st the magnetic human and the rhythmic dog ( creator of our web forum ) got together and connected to baba lunar moon in bali . Who is going to print Dutch day keepers ; a 13 moon flower 20 seal card set to keep a good galactic connection ...

PAN Antwerp


In this moon people are getting connected to our fresh PAN-node and getting in touch for calenders and more information.. very exciting... And connections are being made and people are being activated for  folk-psytrance party for supporting the rainbowserpentproject and a benefit for the printing of the dutch 13 moon diary's...
And the urge is beginning to rise in our pan node to go traveling. See The 13:20 communities and visit the festivals and go beyond 12:60 boundaries. Everywhere people want the 13:20 information and we will be happy to provide it.
We are also experiencing a baby boom . Lots of friends getting pregnant gathering new souls for the big event. Is this a worldwide tendency??
The plan arised to start spreading the dvd 9/11 confronting the evidence ( )

Day 3 Crystal worldbridger. The strongest full moon of this part of the year it seemed. So before we started dancing on Gamma we did a lightcircel and spread our love to the world by singing the one heart anthem as asked by little sun . Later on we went dancing at the water under the full moon Idea's emerged for a dancing act...

We were invited to a community which exist for more then 30 years called “de bereklauw” for picture of this magical place visit . This day it started snowing after a few days of frost and we where invited back into the womb , a sweat lodge with wannes galactic warrior
. “Hail hail fire and snow”  :)
We celebrated the new beginning ;the new tzolkin by giving ourselves to the fire and of total surrender to our own little hunab'ku's .

Our resonant dragon came back from england to supply our calendarstock
Ready to go for the next half of the year ....

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