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Silio 28 – Spectral Moon – Galactic Monkey

“BUTOH 13:20”

Here Cosmic Dog from Buenos Aires, reporting new revelations occured during this eleventh moon: the clear connection beetwen butoh dance and the Law of Time.
In Silio 28 Planetary Moon – Rythmic Night, in Yaguarón-Paraguay we performed a public intervention in little town park. It was just a very very slow walk crossing the park. It was then that we discovered how butoh dance can be a way of manifestating the law of time, as it is essentially a manifestation of pure time.

Butoh is a cuatridimensional dance, a dance of time, dance in time. Butoh shows dance as a way of intense life. It is not an extensive dance, but an intensive dance.

Slow walks are not slow motion walks, but walks that syncronize with cosmic time.
Butoh is stopping to hear Earth rotation, as we are moving spheres over a moving sphere.
Butoh is disolving (spectral moon). Skywalkers disolve. Min Tanaka, a japanesse dancer, said: “I don´t dance for/in the place. I dance the place. I´m not a person anymore. I am the place.”
Butoh. Holonomic dance. Ego falls.

Butoh also works with symbols and arquetypes, cosmic frequences. Kins can be danced. Moon can be danced. Kinich Ahau dances in me. This is a project: to investigate these dances, as butoh is a moving meditation.

Public manifestations. Street dances. Butoh as a tool to divulgate 13:20 frequency.
A group of 13:20 dancers manifestating for example a spectral walk in the middle of an urban street, in the middle of a multitud of hurried human beings, magnetize the hole street. It conects unconsciousness with cosmic natural order. Vibrations. It´s like a kid in an adult reunion.

Dancing and singing

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