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PAN London - UK - Sun Bioregion - Lunar Moon Report

Transmission date: Lunar Moon - Blue Electric Storm

SILIO 28 - Communication Day - Report by CrystalEagle - PAN London
Greetings Galactic Kin,
As agreed by European KINs gathered at PAN Sangit 13:20 in Switzerland on the past Magnetic Moon to have the SILIO 28 of every moon as a communication day for the PAN nodes in Europe, here is my report/update for the Lunar Moon of the Yellow Cosmic Seed Year for PAN London:

- A new is in the final stage of development. We will shortly be launching a Beta version on the first half of the Electric Moon and soon after the will be developed. The Planet Art Network worldwide will be designed to be a feedback mechanism for each of the PAN bioregions. The purpose of is to tell the story of the planet art network in words and pictures. To show what we are doing- from building communities and gardens to holding workshops on the law of time and crystal day gatherings to resources. Each bioregion will have its own page, which will include contact details, room for a small gallery of digital pictures, news about upcoming events and campaigns and space for a moonly report. This project has been implemented at the request of the Foundation For the Law Of Time and will be hosted in London by team. In its development phase the contact address for all enquiries regarding will be or just repy to this email. More details on this project will follow.

- On Kali 2.11 - White Electric Wind we had a small PAN London/Avalon meeting at the PAN Unit Works - London node. On this meeting we discussed ways of better distributing the 13 Moon Dreamspell Diary produced by a group of KINs in London and in how to balance the responsability and share the energy Time=Art. Also we seeded some ideas to start a Synchronicity Seminar and a series of workshops in London -- (presented KINs: Mark - Galactic Wind, Frank - Crystal Eagle, Juliana - Crystal Monkey, Jon - Crystal Monkey, Marlene - Planetary Warrior, Teresa - Self-Existing Moon... - Thanks Jon, Marlene and the PAN Unit Works team for hosting us).
- Last Limi 2.20 - Blue Galactic Monkey we had a PAN Britain participation with a stall at the Festival of Life in London. The acceptance was excellent and many 13:20 material was distributed in a harmonious interaction with a vibrant audience. Raw Food, Alternative Energies, Permaculture, Music and Art was one of many interesting subjects displayed at the event. (thanks to Mark - Galactic Wind and the other KINs from PAN Avalon for making this 13:20 stall possible, its was also lovely to see so many of Green Angels Community among the hundreds of visitors and thanks for the organizers).

Up coming events across the UK for the Electric Moon:
- The Creative Power of the 13 Moons
Sun. 25 Sep - Limi 3.6 - Red Solar Serpent
A day long interactive playshop that makes learning the 13 Moon Calendar and Dreamspell a fun and memorable experience. All proceeds go towards the development of
For more info:
- Summer into Autumn Party
Sat. 24 Sep - Alpha 3.5 - Yellow Galactic Seed
Unit Works - London - E9 - 11PM till 7AM
An ever changing kiss of VJs, DJs, Live Music, cocktails and chill-out.
- Gods and Goddesses
Fri 30 Sep - Kali 3.11 - White Magnetic Dog
Unit Works - London E9 - 10PM till late
A rainbow spectrum of performance delights including... Cosmic Ballet, Monkey dancing with Gem - Arguelles tickling... plus open mic!

- Bristol Planet Art Network - Launch Party
Sun. 9 Oct - Limi 3.20 - Blue Planetary Storm
The Trinity Center - Trinity Road - Bristol - 2PM till Midnight
Integrating itself across the nation, the global calendar change movement has finally arrived in Bristol.  Establishing itself as a centre for the west outside of Avalon, Planet Art Bristol, will offer unique opportunities for the Planetary Kin, providing educational spaces, bringing harmonious time to the heart of the city and offering Bristol the creative community it has been waiting for.
>> See here for more details: (Archive).
And last I would like to address that a wonderful bridge in between UK and Switzerland is getting stronger and a lots of events and galactic-manifestation is taking place:

- PAN Sangit 13:20 in Teufen just had their regional German-speakers meeting this past weekend-- a report will follow by Rob Men - Spectral Eagle.
- Daniel - Planetary Dragon and a team in Switzerland-London is setting an association to develop a series of projects in conjunction with FLT in Oregon - USA.
- PAN-Sol based in Solothurn - Switzerland will be having a launch party meeting hosted by Simone - Galactic Serpent on Kali 3.4 - Blue Resonant Night to organize the 13:20 activities in this sector of the country. Up coming workshops and general 13:20 activities will be planned and members of PAN Sangit - Teufen and PAN Bern will be present among the local KINs. Thanks to Simone, Ursulai and Urs for the energy.

This is it for now my LOVEly Dreamspellers and Zuvuya surfers...
In Lak'ech everyone,
Frank - CrystalEagle
PAN London - Sun Bioregion - British Island Sector
End of transmission ::

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