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PAN Avalon - UK - Sun Bioregion - Electric Moon Report


This moon we were involved with the Creative Power of 13 workshop that happened at Unity Works in Hackney, London. The workshop was very well received and a highlight was the gorgeous double rainbow that appeared at the culmination of the event. We all must be doing something right ;) Great to see the evolution in PAN Unity Works, a space which is really modelling what is possible in a urban context when people get together and really share their resources. The space is looking really good with a very professional performance space and a newly decorated workshop room. With its organic food co-op, music sharing and tuition nights, yoga workshops, community 'bring and buy' sales and magic hat meals, Unity Works is a really inspiring 13:20 zone.

Another highlight was the launch party of Planet Art Bristol at the
Trinity Community Centre in Bristol on Blue Planetary Storm. An amazing mix of workshops, yoga, poetry, intentional dance, conscious rapping, musical improvisation and much more, the co-inspiration was great to see! Many thanks to the ultra enthusiastic Adam and Mike for hosting. The receptivity to galactic culture in Bristol seems really to be opening up to something very exciting and creative indeed. Its great to have another active PAN node on our doorstep.

Back in Avalon, the crystal days have been continuing after the summer break (thanks to Kita Blue Wolf for holding the space). We are also busy with our project to create a resource centre for sustainable living here in Avalon. We have been offered a ground floor workshop space in the Old Clinic eco-building. This is a special opportunity and Daphne Galactic Hand is busy writing a funding proposal to assist in manifesting this. This could provide the perfect space to renew and restock the PAN library/ distribution centre, making available much more material both physically and through the internet. It would also serve as a living "time is art" creative space to facilitate development and empowerment of various art forms including performance, film, visual art, writing and music in the spirit of the "new time". Through art and education we aim to bring light to alternatives for sustainable living.  If you are interested in getting involved or have resources you'd like to contribute, please get in touch with

We have also been contributing to the development process going on with the relaunch of and the creation of the global hub, with text, images and networking. Much respect to DMT Ventures and Tsubo Design for creating two world class internet portals with a miniature budget. An especially big shout out to Frank Crystal Eagle for the massive amounts of time and energy he is putting into this. Hooray!

Since this is the wavespell of abundance we would like to take the opportunity to share that to be able to manifest these web projects to the standard that has been visioned, we are asking for the support of the network.
Our immediate goal is to raise 520 pounds to cover the cost of hosting, coding, and other direct costs of making this happen. Please let us know if you can contribute- every bit helps... really!

You can send donations to Planet Art Publishing at The Old Clinic, 10 St. Johns Square, Glastonbury, Somerset BA6 9LJ or by PayPal to:


We still have some of these remarkable calendars left that show all the 13 Moon info for the Cosmic Seed year, along with the Dreamspell, Long Count, Moon phase and much more. You can order them through for 7 pounds inc postage or if you would like more for your friends, 4 for 20.

We are planning some more Creative Power of 13 events for this moon.
Probably one in Glastonbury and one in Bristol, so far. There is also a vision for an Earth Wizard event with our friends from PAN UR (of the Netherlands). Let us know if you would like to host an event in your area. With co-operation and sharing of like visions well see what wonders we can manifest together!

In Lakech
PAN Avalon

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