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PAN Caravan - Sun Bioregion - Lunar & Electric Moon Report
By Lunar Sun & Lunar Wizard

Pan Community Research Programme

I sit in a Slovenian hotel room after a large organic breakfast. Normally we would be cuddled up in the back of our van cooking porridge but we needed a treat to recover from two days high in the mountains where we went to reflect, with the endless clarity and silence of the stars and mountains, on what has been a very powerful moon for the two of us. So what has been happening?

The story so Far

In Magnetic moon Pau and Alastair, (wizard 2 + sun 2) left their homes in London to begin an open ended adventure and research mission to find how kins in the 13:20 communities are living the changes we are all feeling at this time. Our first stop, Sangit 13:20, in the Swiss Alps synchronised with the visit of Valum Votan and his apprentice Red Queen for a seminar. We file our report after two moons at Sangit.

The last moons in a nutshell

We continued our stay at Sangit, working on the van _ which will be home on the journey and carry a growing Pan Library. Also in return for abundant and generous hospitality we have been helping with the work of the community. Some of what we have experienced living in the community follows.

Potential for a bigger community

We have seen that Sangit can sustain itself with the 5 kins already there. But it has  huge potential to allow many more people to come together harmoniously and live the journey of our lives in peace. It was crystalised that if more kins wanted to come and live at Sangit, then it would have to be a gradual process of opening and flowering individual_s knowledge, for the good of the rest of the community. For that, a disciplined system of self cultivation, open communication and compassionate sharing is needed.


It was suggested that this could be done by having _experiments_ of a wavespell in length to allow new kin to practice the grounded commitment nessecary to sustain the space, and those already living in Sangit to teach the new kins. This could bring a mutual balancing of initiative and experience. One example came from Lucrecia (Cosmic Dog), which was the idea of an experiment in community empowerment taking shape arround the building of a sacred space in the form of a geodesic dome.

Potential first experiment

As Daniel (Overtone Dragon) was asking for Sangit_s help with the Noosphere II project, it seemed there was an opportunity for the first experiment to be hosted by Sangit to be facilitating a wavespell where the people working with the Noosphere II project could come and share the experience of dome building with those already living in Sangit and other kins who could answer the call for self empowement. We will report on the developments and learnings from this in an additional report.

Leaving Sangit - on the road again!

By day 18  of electric moon we were ready to leave on the next leg of our journey down to Italy for a visit to the peace garden in Puglia.   So on red galactic earth after exactly 2 moons in Sangit we packed up the van and set of for Italy. After a time of rest and meditation here in Slovenia we start off today for the Croatian coast where next week we hope to be on a ferry to southern Italy in time for the magnetic warrior wavespell.

PAN Caravan - Lunar Sun & Lunar Wizard   N/A Alastair - Lunar Sun & Paulina - Lunar Wizard

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