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PAN Ghent - Belgium - Sun Bioregion - Electric Moon Report

Red Crystal Dragon
Kin 181 - Moon 3 Day 22 Dali

My Father is intrinsic awareness, I feel the Heat

Greetings kin,

Another creative transmission from PAN Ghent. The new PAN on the block.
Another group forming; isnt it remarkable how many people these days are actually getting groups together and are really focusing on what they want to accomplish, how they can serve best, how they can perfect their virtues and qualities in their own unique way? Here in Ghent and wherabouts (Belgium isnt that big), there are now far more people finding each other in a most organic harmonic way and the decision to cooperate and work together is no more than an evident choice in those cases. Like a long forgotten dream coming true.

Mantrachanting for the Earth and Human Kind (the Maria Magdalene Fire Flame Stargate Activations), Practicegroups doing Castanedas Magical Passes, Planetary Artists coming out. You can see the Divine Plan towards 2013 unfold itself before your eyes. Surfing the Zuvuya, everything around and inside becomes a grand possibility to create. Great Emptiness. Only in the flow you will know. But who could dream it would be this great! This awesome Synchronic Cosmic Play, this Dream becoming Reality and Reality becoming Dream... [speechless].

I guess we all dreamt it and are dreaming it all the time. Just as you could have read in our previous report, we were looking for a building to use as a base in Ghent, open to the people of Ghent and anyone open. All we really did was spread the word and keep it in our daily attention, focus, and there it was: last week we could even choose between different locations- costfree and with lots of space. Its like you just dreamt it, and there it is: Spirit-Synchronicity provides. Nature provides and abundance is as natural as rain falling out of the sky.
I hope we all learn in time to take the high road and to walk our paths with ease and grace. The same ease and grace the sorcerers and masters of the old days had when performing their necessary actions. No trouble at all, just using the magic that was already here.

From here and now on we will be starting our work-play shops, our goal is to get as much people that are already active in the area conscious of time and the time is art-philosophy. Since creativity is already very present in Ghent, and different groups working as a whole, in earthfamilies for instance is a possibilty, this is our main focus right now. But not to worry, more exciting adventures of the kin of PAN Ghent are coming your way.

From one kin to the other.
Peace from PAN Ghent.
In Lakech
Imix 181 

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