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PAN UR - Holland -  Sun Bioregion - Self-Existing Moon Report

The turning point of this moon were the seven days with the seven seals of the seven lost generations from day 7 till 13. We started the first generation, White Crystal Wizard, with a event in the Time is Art gallery in Amsterdam. Velatropa was playing with the Magnetic Dragon Mike and the Self X Seed Cecillia. Ca eb Peter showed up with Solar Monkey Stef and also Chicchan Marjon was present. It was a spontaneous meeting with the core group of the calendar movement in the Netherlands.
When we came to the third generation the Solar Monkey went into a virus scan Fever 2005. Three days of sweating and hallucinations. Synchronic to this Magnetic Dragon Mike was doing a sharing on the basics of the calendar in the Halemmerpoort in Amsterdam.
Spectral Worldbridger was a day of meeting and sharing on The Ritten in Belgium. We shared the information of the last Rinri Lettre, especially the part on number 108 and the four powers of nine.
The Day After was the special Kin of 21 dec 2012 Dreamspell. On the Crystal Round Table of the Hand  we where invited  by EPO to present PAN. EPO is a platform for groups and individuals to bring together all parts of the ecological movement. 100 people present representing around 20 different groups. Groups who know how to finance a project, groups who know about ecological material to build, groups know about new forms a energy. It was a very successful day and it will have a follow up.
In the last four days of the moon we come together with 24 people in Belgium the Ritten. Were connecting with the 11 11 11 net and were going to do 3 sessions with the ecstatic body postures of the sphinx  to remember our connection with Sirius, the Pleiades and Orion.
We also will group ourselves in a Earth Counsel right after each session.

In the overtone Peacock Moon of radiance we have a meeting with Daniel Planet Dragon to discuss the connection between Pan and other organisations. We also are being interviewed by Unna Overtone Hand for a school project. Its about a 13 20 clip of several minutes with a lot of visual akakadabra.
Next to this we have several playshops and sharing. We have the intention to organise a 9 day open event for the Law of Time and the Mystery of the Stone.

The path of sovereignty in time is open. We have found a nice group of people who build Yurts. Were with more, by now we want to manifest 5 Yurts. Were also looking for land and we have good hope because different options already emerged.

End of this report of the ongoing investigation.
All is Go(o)d
PAN UR    

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