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PAN UR - Holland - Sun Bioregion - Overtone Moon Report

Pan UR Report
Overtone Peacock Moon of Radiance

Last Moon, day 9,  we have had a translation group meeting. Five Kin where present. We discussed what text we still have to translate. And what text are being translated right now.

Lunar Wizard is busy translating the Cosmic History Chronicles Book of the Throne and the workbook.
Solar Wind is busy translating the Maya Factor.
Solar Monkey and Galactic Eagle are finishing translation of Surfers of the Zuvuya.
Also the last pieces of Turtle and Tree are being looked at by Magnetic Dragon.

These texts we would like to be published. We make contact with the publisher who published Time and the Technosphere in dutch. We also contacted the publisher who published the last book of Lunar Human.

Besides this there are more texts to be translated. The Rinri letters and the special messages from Valum Votan. For this we have cooperation from Pan Gent. Also the translation of the Mystery of the Stone is being looked at. These texts will be published on

We have had a nice Pan Ur meeting in which we created vision in all the activities for this solar ring. We have made contact with the France Kin to see what we can do together in France. We see good possibilities for an event in Italy. We have contacted Zelf excisting serpent from Pan Italy. They will have a vision counsel next Moon and will discuss the possibility of having a Cooperative Euro Kin event in Italy. We see a European vision counsel coming up in Swiss, we talked this over with the Planet Dragon from CREST. For this we need to be in contact with the Spectral Eagle from PAN Sangit. We have plans for a Vision Counsel in Culemborg for the Low Lands of the Sun bioregion. And there will be an shared event by Pans from Belgium UK and Netherlands in Breda.

By the way the mystery of the stone Kits will arrive this next moon. When everything is arranged I will send messages to the Kin who has pre-ordered the Kits at the Foundation.
I hope for the UK we can do a exchange with the mysteries the receive from us and the calendars we receive from them.

A practical report for the moon of empowerment,
All is Go(o)d

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